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Like the Phoenix!

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Hi again! Glad to see some October '08 dates...glad to see the SMF banner. Last night I got one of those "you can have the domain name..." pages. Welcome back to the land of the living!
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What's that smell...? Tailfeathers?
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Oh Man Rich!! 1,615 posts have disappeared! Nice to have you and the site back up to speed.
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I was pushing 12000- I'm miffed. SOME were worth the electrons ;{)
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SD beat me to it.
I was gonna pipe in on that but at least you are still you.
Slanted88 and some other folks got Erased.

Nice to be back though.
Vman :)
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I'll be allright.....just don't like the newbie status.
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Glad to see you back, Rich. I am planning on doing some jerky Sunday and I may need you to critique my plan!!

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OK, I'm passing out some points...I feel like Drew Carey...Just wish I had his buying power!
dave aka azkitch
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