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sausage Q view

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man i hate to see this area blank. heres some pics of some sausages i did this year. bout time for a squirrell lmao. heen doing some hunting. got 6 in the freezor.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

this is trail bologna.

this is summer sausage.
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That looks fantastic nice job
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Nicely done BGC!!!
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Looks good, nice qview.
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"and if you don't like my summer sausage this is a high powered rifle that makes sure i only get good reviews on my sausage. Now don't you like my summer sausage"

Yes Big Game Cook, I like your Summer Sausage a lot!
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hahaha. that was the .45 cal muzzleloader that bagged my 4 firearm kills this season.
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good looking sausage it all looks great
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