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Chucky from January w/Qview

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Well, I did my first chuck roast. Took longer than I expected for the size and shape a chuck roast is. At least in comparison to a pork butt. But, it did turn out fantastic. Put it in a marinade overnight and then put a rub on it first thing in the morning. After I got everything ready, it went in and the long slow process started.

Pulled it out and it just fell apart.

I was amazed how little meat there was after pulling as much of the fat out as I could get. But,,, the family said it was the best beef we have ever done. Until now, the best had always been in a dutch oven outdoors for an all day cook. But, as much as I like my dutch ovens, the smoker won hands down!

I have always been one to just put spices together that seemed to make sense. I guess, from now on, I need to at least write down what goes into the rubs and marinades I use, if not the exact quantity. It is kinda hard to quantify how many, of what size, shakes of a spice I put in. icon_smile.gif But at least WHAT goes in might help me recreate it.
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Looks good. I was surprised how long it took for the chuck I smoked as well. Yours looks great.
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Looks Great!!!
What kinda smoker ya got there?
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It's a 20" GOSM. guess I need to rebuild my signature. Bummer, must be lost in the internet airwaves someplace.
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That chuckie does look good. I agree with the lack of meat sometimes but you know all that fat makes it taste so good. I think they're much better than butts but I do love the butts too.
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Ya made me hungry! Right nice!
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