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How would you do your Prime Rib

Poll Results: How would you do your prime rib

Poll expired: Oct 24, 2008  
  • 15% (6)
    Salt encrusted, see first post for the explanation of this
  • 44% (17)
  • 7% (3)
  • 28% (11)
  • 2% (1)
    deep fat fried
38 Total Votes  
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going to put a poll with this. I plan on, fingers crossed, on doing a Prime Rib, with king crab legs, the 25th or 26th of this month.

salt crusted?


smoked, which i have done

deep fat fried, like what terry (Big Arm) posted here

in the oven

or grilled?
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Smoked it tough to beat IMO.

Reading your post made me decide that my next one will be saltcrusted in the smoker.
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fbj, i did a salt encrusted one in the smoker. But really, i don't believe the smoke will penetrate the crust?
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Hmmm........I did a brisket that way before and although the smoke was lighter it was there...........now I have to try it for sure..........either way you still got the rib roast to eat at the end of it all.
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I've done the salt crusted in a convection oven and they always came out wonderfully. Make sure you catch the drippings, they make a great rue.
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they make better au juis..........how ever you spell it........lol
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I like putting the prime rib in a pan, resting on top of a few red onions peeled and cut in half. The onions keep the roast up out of the juices and the red onions add a sweetness to the au jus as they cook. You could use the smoker of course but I have done this in the oven too. Sometimes I will cut small slits throughout the roast and stuff in a clove of roasted garlic.
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yes on the added garlic............i have one of them roistierie thingy bobbys from Ronco, and with it came a type of syringe you can peirce meat with, to insert garlic, herbs, etc. And with the salt crust, should seal these holes off, so meat juices won't escape TOO bad.
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well, its ordered. My butcher said, once in awhile, he even gets in Prime graded beef. If he gets one, won't be much more than the 6.99/lb he is charging me atm. This meat will run 8-9 lbs with the bone. He is also going to tie it for me, so i won't have that to worry about.
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Rub with salt and pepper then grill slowly, indirect. The char grill flavor will go much better with the crabs legs. Smoked will overpower everthing at the table.
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My fav method is brown all edges in a skillet, season, then put in 225* oven until rare/ med-rare (138*-140*). This low and slow method results in the most tender and red all the way through piece of meat you've ever seen.
It only needs to rest a short period of time since it was cooked on such a low heat.
The searing just gives the outside of the roast it's color. Since it cooks on such low heat, it wouldn't happen.

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thats another question. in my research, i have seen resting times suggested, from 5 minutes, to 15, 20, even up to a hour?

tented of course
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A thick piece of meat, on the bone, tented will hold it's heat well. I think 20 minutes to a half hour should be just about right.
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I did one a while back in my Bradley and it turned great here is a link to the post on the Bradley forum. Has pics and all there. I need to do it again!!

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LOL, yes Au Jus, don't know what I was thinking.

I like to deglaze the drippings with some water and wine, never enough to go around though.

I let them rest about 20 to 30 minutes.

Do you cut the rib bones out before, then tie them to the roast? My uncle use to do that at his restaurant, made it easier when it was done to prepare. I've done it both ways at home, and couldn't tell the difference in flavor or texture.
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Hey Dude...I have done the salt crust thing in the oven-very good! However...you know what I find goes really good with king crab legs??
MORE KING CRAB LEGS!! The rib will just take up space.
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ok, so I would really recommend smoking, but I felt sorry for the deep fat frying, and it has to be good. Right?
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Big Arm Terry, seems to think so......

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When it comes to rib roasts, I do the 'salt encrusted'. Most often than not, I do it in the dutch oven.
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I think Ken has the best plan!!
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