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I just started, need alot of info. I`m looking for a way to smoke duck.
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Hi and Welcome to SMF,lots of info on here.
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WElcome Trapper! How bout a little more info.....what are using to smoke on,where ya from, that sort of thing. Just trying to get ya off on the right foot before Richtee get to ya!! lol
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Smooooth! Welcome to SMF Trapper- fill us in. We can't divine your smoker type, experience, type of duck, etc.
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What a quick learner of the Mad Hunky's prowl ...
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Welcome Trapper, lots of good people to help ya here amd a ton of info..
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My mamma din't teach me no dummy Sumo!!
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Welcome aboard..........
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Welcome to SMF. If you want to smoke duck, someone will be along shortly to tell you just how to do it. The only way I smoke duck is with a 12 gauge shotgunicon_exclaim.gif
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Welcome to the forum Trapper, glad to have you here.
Here is a link to the last duck I smoked...

Used a bit of applewood. It did come out very tasty. :)
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Welcome Trapper, no doubt someone can help you with smokin ducks. Great people here always willing to help.
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Welcome to the SMF, roll call is usually where you tell us a little about yourself and your smoker(s). Looking forward to your next smoke.
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Welcome, we love pictures , called Qview on SMF, Is it domestic duck or wild duck you're talking about?

Be sure to take some pictures when you do smoke it and post them on here.
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