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chili cheese.

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anyone ever tried that. i did tonight. cut the stem only off the peppers. 1/2ed and de seeded the insides and took out lining like always. put in hard chunk monterey jack colby marble cheese. added a spoon full of campbells chunky firehouse chili over them and bacon to fuse togather.

they was darn good. i dont have agood pic. was in a rush. there under ribs and roast. it did happen. i just dont have better details lol.
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That sounds really good. Just brought home some Japs yesterday so I'll give this a try.
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OK, I'm off to buy some jalapenos! Sounds good to me.
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i made 26 1/2's. e and a buddie ate em all.PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Big Game,
that sounds like a great combo. I need to try something new on these ABT's. Think this will be the next one. Thanks
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Definitely something new to add to my recipe box. Nice suggestion!
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Worth giving a try..........thanks.
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Sounds good, will definitely have to give them a try
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That does sounds good. I am doing some wings and a fatty tomorrow. I might have to see if I can make room for some ABT's too!
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