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Red Sausge

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Hello folks my name is chris and im new here.

I would like to pick you guys brains on a certain subject. What do i need to do to accomplish the nice deep red color to my sausage kinda like polish sausage i guess? Instead of the brown color. I have tried smoking at several diff temps and just cant figure this out.
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One word. Well, three- Good Hungarian paprika.
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aw man you kiddin me that easy huh! i was ready to try food coloring! You wouldn't believe how long i been searching for the answer to that question. I should have known that,, us cajuns use paprika for the same thing in some stews.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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My favorite brand is Sezged.. And I would not kid you about food! Well, unless you boil ribs ;{)
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Also, one of the best books in existence on sausage is Rytek Kutas' Third's a link. I hear there IS a fourth, but it was published posthumously. Have not seen the Fourth, but the Third will serve. And they have them used under 20 bux. Money WELL spent, sir.
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You're not talking about red casings by any chance. Aside from that, tex is right. Longer bloom time brings on more of a mahogany sort of color. At any rate IMO shoot for flavor first, texture next, then color. Richtees advice will give you all three.
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Are you using curing salt? All smoked sausage should use curing salt. It is known as DC #1, Prague Powder #1, or pink salt. It is a certain percentage/ratio of salt to nitrite. It is colored pink to make it easily identifiable. In addition to making the meat color pink (a chemical reaction, not from the color added to the curing salt), it also prevents botulism. There is a danger of botulism in the low oxygen, low heat conditions of a smoker where the meat temperature is kept in the danger zone (above refrigerated temps and below 150F) for too long.

I'm not sure if you are talking about the pink color from the cure, or a truly deep red color that paprika would give?? I'm also not sure if you are talking about the inside or outside of the sausage as mulepackin mentioned the mahogany casings???
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Good question. Also the Morton brand Tenderquick product is a cure. While I DO cure all my smoked sausage, I admit it is not required if you do the "Hot/fast" type smoke... thru the 140 under 4 hours and up to 165° However, with most sausages, you risk cooking out the fat. This method would be for fresh made sausage brought quickly <Or kept chilled as raw> from stuffing to smoker- to be consumed immediately after smoking. A slower smoky grilling really is what yer looking at in this case.
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Thanks for all the info guys, No i have not used a curing salt, besides in my summer sausage, The color or look i am going for is like the hillshire farms polski sausages. i like the natural hog casings. I have been working on my recipes for a couple years and really have flavor and textures that i am proud of. I think the flavor is great and the friends agree. I usually stuff the sausage then let it sit in the icebox for a day to let the flavors meld together. my smoker cooks a little fast for me but i try to keep it around 120 the first hour, then slowly bump it up to 165 over about 5 hour period. Never considered it blooming but hey i like that word. i let it cool then vacume pack it for the freezer. maybe I could use some help with this "blooming" process
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Just a word to the wise... you ARE pushing the envelope, if not over it with that process. You SHOULD be using a cure. It may be your saving grace that the smoker cooks fast for you. And I still think a pinch or so of good paprika is what yer after...but a cure will help both saftey wise and color wise.
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Hey...sooo..we don't march on City hall, and have no national college program, and aren't considered in affirmative action laws, and generally are hairy and short.

Can't ya give us what we got, fer cryin' out loud?? PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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you guys are great. I'll go the paprika route and start using a cure.
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Just be sure on the amounts. And I think you'll be happy :{) Or yer money back!
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