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first cook on new UDS

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sorry bubba. forgot sasauge last night.

got two beercan chickes and 5lbs of ribs on. and tossing on a venison pastrami i cured last week.

abts going on later this eve.
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WOW! Looking good....when's dinner, I'll be right over!
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Forgot the sausage?! eek.gif

Let ya slide this time...

Looks like rib tips on there?
What did you do with the ribs?? lol
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looks like a good start
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they were gone lol. had to buy a ten lb box of tips. but only $1.00 per lb.

i wanted to get some turkey sausage for fatties. they were sold out. also $1.00 at krogers. got a rain check for ten lbs.

temps are staying between 250 300. still learning the ropes here.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

the rib tips were a lil frozen yet after a night in the fridge. let em sit on there for 15-20 min and then rubbed them.
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Lookin good Big Game!cool.gif
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Great price for tips....I luvs me some tips!

Where you measuring temp?
What do you have open for intake?
Sounds like you got a leak.
Start adjusting your temp as its coming up, once it gets away, its hard to bring down. And whatever you do, don't leave the lid off for more than 10-15 seconds or you'll be cooking HOT!
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Looks real nice. How's temp control going? I too am just learning on a newly built UDS, any info would be of great use.
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holding at 250 now. it was at 300 310 at first but after the vents were closed up more it went down. im impressed. its cooking good and seems to be working pretty quick. just added a cured venison tip roast that i cured this week using cowgirls thread in wild game.

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Looking very good!
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while your here let me ask a Q from a uds pro.

when you light the firebox do you do it in or out of the drum. how long do you let it burn before putting in or adding meats?

thats one thing i havents seen yet.

its holding good at 250 now. ya it flares up went it open lol. added a hunk of meat a while ago. came down quick though.

thanks and appreciate the help. nothing more satisfying than cooking on a hand built smoker. cant wait to dig in.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

heres it in action. the therm is in the lid. and the intakes are 4 sets of 3/4" holes covered with flat steel held firm with a bolt and spring. my lid dont fit real tight. i plan on some fire rpoe around it soon. that will help seal it. and everything i ran through it is tightly bolted. so it shouldnt leak. sealed the axles with epoxy.

i didnt let the coals go to grey before i put it in. might have been my problem. shes been at 250 for a long while and after i opn it it flares but goes right back down as lid is added.

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pastrami was at 140. began to sauce the ribs. and added my third rack. its the option i added just a couple inches below top rack. specifically for abt's and thin foods.

the abt's. there boated into 1/2's. a chunk of motrerey chedder. topped with a spoonfull of campbells chunky firehouse spicy chili. and bacon. iim being real careful,lol. be a shame if some of that rib sauce dripped onto them lmao. that would be terrible.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

and foiled the chickes. the breasts began to pop apart when i pulled the cans from there butts. there gonna be tender as boiled. oh and a chilihead needs a few whole chipotle BBQ peppers to munch on with the meal too.

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Lookin good man!

Ya, i dump my lit coals in the drum, usually only start with 15 briquettes.
Comes up to temp in about 15 mins, then i add my meat.
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That's the info I've been looking for. I first started with a full chimney and fought the temps all night long. The last time I cut the amount in half and had better luck. This weekend I'll do the 15 briquettes, thanks.
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do you add coals? ive heard these will cook for 8-10 hrs on 9 lbs.
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Pfttttt.....9 lbs will run near 15 hrs! cool.gif
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Ive done 2 smokes adding up to 16 hrs on the same 10lb bag of RO. I still have some left in the basket.
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pray tell. do i dump it all in at once or add? do i get it flaming first or put it in just lit?
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No......put your fuel in the basket (all of it), make a small hole in the middle and dump your lit fuel there. With good valve control, that should run all day!
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bingo. thats where i messed up. lit it all and put in flaming.

still worked out well did have to add a couple handfuls 3/4 way through. turned out nice.

ribs fall off with the pick of a fork. chickens are colapsing under there own weight. i like these alot. for my first cook and build. IM impressed. and very proud that this food was cooked in my own built smoker.

the bones fell from chickens.

after 2 hours on the beer can racks i foiled them with a few oz of the beer.

abts with chili and cheese. awesome. they went fast before i could fire up camera.
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