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lol... tempting, but I don't think I'd look as good in it! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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heres an idea
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I'll be out on the driveway with a table set up to hand out candy. I'm bringing my Oklahoma Joe's vertical roaster out with me and will have a torso in it and a leg on the grill over the firebox. I'll run either my GOSM or MES behind it smoking some ribs. A plate of ribs, a plate of bones and a big bloody knife should complete the scene. My wife didn't think too much of my plan, but has warmed up to it (my thermometer says she's at 165 degrees, time to foil.)
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15 to 20 Harleys in the front yard, loud music, smokert going and lots adult beverages. Wa-la no kids, no need for candy.
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Hey...can I ride down, sounds like my idea of Halloween!! 21 Harleys!
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Make that 22. I'm up for a road trip!
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My wife and I used to be the scrooges of Halloween. We would shut the lights off and head to the bar. That was until little Taylor came along. Now she likes mom and dad to get dressed up with her and trick-or-treat.
This was last year. This year she wants to be Scooby-doo and me and the wife are gonna be Fred and Daphnie.
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live so far out ain't had a kid (cept a neighbor kid) and he rides up on a horse for prolly 12 years - will prolly get a nice fire going in the backyard pit and enjoy the nite with a few drinks. oh and make pumpkin seeds.
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Here we have snow white and the poison apple...."2007" will update for this year's festivitie's. btw......that's mamma, nuf said :-)
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