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Old Fart in Thailand

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Hello all, I have been bbq'ing for many years, and lately have gotten into the smoking side of things. In the past I have managed several bars here in Thailand and 1 day a week I would do a free food night usally amounting to about 3-4 full racks of pork along with 1 whole strip of the pork loin. Finally I got away from the ribs because of the waste and the loin was chaeper. I used an old 55 gal drum and usally cooked for about 4-5 hours using the indirect heating method.

Now that I am retired and bored I have taken to cooking for people upon special request. Lately I have been doing about 10-15 kilo's of ham and shoulder per week, trying out different rubs and cooking methods. My customers give me feedback on how they like the food and I change the rubs accordingly.

I have a grill master type smoker, it looks like the ECB, but has some different features. I took mine and set it on top of a 1 burner gas stove and put the chip pan on the fire or burner, with this setup I can regulate the temps and hold them steady.

Happy Smoking- CheapChalee PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Welcome to the forum CheapChalee. Glad to have you aboard! :)
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welcome to smf!!!
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Welcome Charlie -
Folks here would probably like your input on the types of woods you have available to smoke with and your thoughts on flavors etc.

Good to have you here.
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Welcome aboard I am also an old fart though I don't feel like one, post and ask questions. Wer'e here to help.
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Thank you for joining our SMF family!
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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you in the family. looking forward to your input
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Welcome aboard! I'd love to live in Thailand! How very cool! Keep us posted on your smokes and don't forget the Q-View!
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Welcome to the smf...........Glad to have you here...............
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Hey Chalee! Welcome again! Any of the local foods take to Q'ing at all?
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Welcome back to SMF.
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welcome, I can't wait for some exotic q-view.
global, truely global
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Welcome to SMF from another old phart. Smoked Tai food sounds intriguing.
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Welcome to the forums! You'll find a great deal of expertise here. These Guys and Gals know Q. Are you from Thailand or are you an Ex-Pat?
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Welcome to the SMF Chalee, I hope you'll feel like sharing some great recipes, we all enjoy sharing good times.
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Thanks for all of the good vibs. Really enjoy this forum as I like to grill/smoke. I read cook books like some people read playboy, or is that look at the pictures. Man I like those fatties got one on the smoker today.

As far as woods go I use mango. Not that many other woods available. Can buy woods chips, but I don't like paying 6 bucks for a bag of wood chips. If I have a customer that wants something smoked over a particular type of wood they have to furnish or pay for the chips.

I'm a native US type guy from the south, call Texas home, but was born in PC Florida.

Looking at doing some ABT's but got to learn how to tell the temp range of some of these chili's run. Some are Damn HOT and there about 3/8" long. Most of the packages are in Thai, so I just practice.

Thanks again, Charlie
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