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BBQ Honey Country Ribs W/Qview & Slide Show

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It is a nice night here but a little nippy lately when the sun goes down.

So, I thought this might help.

Here is the stuff. 4 pounds of country ribs and the ingredients.

The plan: 3 hours smoke, foil with the honey bbq sauce, and maybe a sear at the end.

More to come, and thanks for watching the Qview And slide show that follows.

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ronp i have one thing to say to you.................YOU ARE A MACHINE
man you never quit ..god bless you for makeing everyone here just drool all over there keyboard...looks like a great start we'll watch this close....
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u mister have to much time on your hands-wish I were in that boat!
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Looks good so far.
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Godh Ron, we all wish we had the time that you spend on smoking your life away, what a deal!
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Finished pics?
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You sure love your Yoshida's.......
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How can one not respect a man who drinks Tomato Beer!!!!!!

Love the stuff, great looking beginnings... couple finished shots?
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Thanks Doc. I'm doing something I love doing.

When you retire, you need to find something to do, and I found this.

Thanks Mike.

Nice hobby, man's gotta eat.

Camera is charging, I'll have some later.

That I do, nice flavors works well with smoke and BBQ.

Yea I had a couplke of shots too. Oh, you meant Pics?icon_smile.gif

I'll have some pics up later.

Thanks for watching and comenting.

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Just an update with the final pics and slide show. I didn't sear them. There were about 4 # of ribs and I dry cured them with 4 TBS in a ziploc for 12 hours with Tender Quick. They were cured throught. I did a fry pan test and were't salty at all. So I just proceeded.

Was getting cold so I kicked it up a notch.

The sauce, a layer of Vadialia, catsup, KC and spices.

Some brown sugar.

Sauced and in the foil.

Tonight ready for steaming.

All done ready for eatin'.

Don't need a fork for these.
Click Here For The Slideshow.

And thanks for watching the show, Ron.
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Nice looking Q Ron. Im sure it taste just as good.PDT_Armataz_01_39.gif
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Looks great Ron....another fine smoke!!
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Thanks, tastes great Brian.

Thanks Gene.

Thanks for watching the show,
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Great lookin grub Ron , and nice q-view shots , you are the q-view God here lately PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks Tim!!
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food looks great - but how are those ribs ?
Doesn't appear to be a bone in sight and they look identical to the pork shoulder chops I get from costco.
Confused :-)
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Looks great bro, anouther masterpiece..or as some would say Meal great art. Loved the slide show.
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curious aardvark ... they are one in the same .... some places call em country style ribs for some reason
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Nothing wrong with the way those ribs look!! Real nice work!!
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There is a bone there,more like a blade bone and not a rib bone.

Thanks Jerry. Glad you liked the slides.

Many different name maybe depending where you live.

Thanks Gooose.

Thanks for watching the show.

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