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Birthday Butts!....(qview)

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Thread Starter this all went down a week ago.....I took my birthday off to relax and do some smoking. Cut 2 boneless pork butts in half, because I really like the extra smoke they get that way.

So, anyway.....I took a tip from BBQG, and added coffee to a "sweet" type rub for one butt...(the darker one)....and used a rub "mix" from a store in Des Moines I went to with Walking Dude for the other one.

the rub "mix"

"sweet" rub w/coffee

steady as she goes!!....tried to keep temps inside 230-240*.....8 hours to do the split butts.....that's another benefit of splitting them.....less time to smoke.

coffee butt....

coffee pulled

"mixed" butt....

and pulled......

I liked the coffee one, but not too sure it was everything I expected.....may try again with a Guinness mop.....PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

That 'rub mix' from the store is really quite good! I still have enough for at least one more butt and maybe some ribs.

Thx for chkn my Q

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Looks real nice.
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good job eme....never heard of putting coffee in a rub...whats the purpose besides getting ramped up from the caffine high....
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Nice thread, and great pics. What was the name of the store rub?cool.gif
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been doing the coffee thing for a while also, it adds some rickness to your rub and sauces. I really like it with beef.

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Looked good. Not sure I would like the coffee one. Not much of a coffee person but it sure looked good.
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Willingham's world famous had a tart, kind of citrusy flavor by itself....but, the guy at the store sold me a smaller bottle of a savory rub to mix with it 2:1....hence the "mix"......and I also added a couple tsp. of Richoso's 12 spice rub to it for some kick.
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they both looked good from here eric so looks like you had a good birthday smoke. neat trick splitin the butt!!! great job!!!
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Congrats on a good smoke, and great Q too. Nothiing qrong with trying something different, could be the makings of something great.
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looks good eric-nice smoke
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Looks great Eric. Keep the great smokes coming.
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Great job Eric....Real nice pics, too!!!
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Nice job Eric.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job and Qview, I'm not a big coffee fan but I'm willing to try something once. Does the coffee add a lot of coffee flavor? I love the aroma of brewed coffee but don't care much for the taste.
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Nice job Eric PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I can't say that it added a LOT of coffee flavor.....I'm going to try this again with some modifications....and a different mop.....probably Guinness Draught....we'll see if it makes any difference. I liked the other rub better.

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