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How long should smoke last?

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I am using a GOSM with the original wood box. I use wood chips similar in size to what you put in landscaping. I tried the more shredded stuff my first time but that seemed to not last long. With the larger chips, I get smoke longer but not by much. I only get about 30 minutes of smoke before I have to add new wood. Is this a problem with size of my wood box or something else I'm doing wrong.

I wish the wood box on these were accessible from the outside w/o having to open the door. Anyone mod something like this before? Pull out drawer on the side maybe?

Thanks all.
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I use the smaller chips to get the smoke going, then add farly large chunks. Sometimes they will smoke for one to one and one half hours. I don't use the sawdust that's made for the Chief smokers.
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I have an electric Masterbuilt vertical bullet and use Grillin' Wood chunks from Walmart, sold in bags, from egg sized to fist sized. One load in my 9" pan lasts about 2 - 2.5 hours of continuous smoking.
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My GOSM used to only last about a hour and a halp. Now I put 2 pieces of charcoal in the bottom. Then some soaked chips then some chunks on top. The lid doesnt always fit but it does in the end. Now I get 2 to 2 1/2 hours of smoke.
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Also with the chunks I will add two charcoal brickets to help keep it going.
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I'll usually put chunks of hic or pecan depends on what I'm smoking, then fill the gaps with apple chips or somthing. Two hours of smoke time easily. Just stir and add as needed, 2 to 3 full boxes for me is enough smoke.
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nice idea, ive also thought of running a copper tube to the water pan to fill that with, you could concievably hardly open the door, with those 2 mods, i'd hardly have to open the door, hmmm.............
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bout a six pack.............

HEY SOMEONE HAD TO SAY IT............lolol
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Reading this thread is kind of confusing me...
Are some of you GOSM users actually filling your cast iron wood box with wood, or do you just put in a fist sized chunk or two?
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It's always good to put the wood IN something, I use a sawed off coffee can, not the box supplied with the unit, It gets the smoke going faster, and you can put more in it. Some of us use charcoal , ( a lump or two ), as well in our wood boxes, it adds to the smoke ring.
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I take the chunks and put them in there sometimes I have to bread them into smaller pieces but they are far bigger than chips.
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The smoke will last longer using chunks or a coffee can but also remember just because you don't see smoke doesn't mean your not smoking. With the original smoke box and wood chips seems like I got and hour an a half or so of smoking time
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In my GOSM, I replaced the wood box with a 9x9 cake pan. I can turn it on high for 1 min, then turn temps down to normal. Get great smoke in about 10 min.

Also, put 3-4 chunks (2x2x2 size) in. Get about 2-3 hours minimum. Never timed it though. Usually, after 2 hours, I'm spraying the meat with apple juice/capt morgan every hour, so I just check it & add when needed when I spray.
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Guess I'll have to find some bigger chunks of wood at walmart or something. I have been buying wood at Gander Mtn. but they only seem to have the chips or "sawdust" stuff.
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Wally World, Lowe's, HD (Home Depot not Harley Davidson) and most grocery stores sell wood chunks.
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nomorecoop -
Thanks for that info. That is what I was really fishing for... I buy my wood at ACE Hdwe. and chunks run from 2x2 up to maybe 4x 2 inches. I ususally will put 1 of the big ones or a couple of the smaller chunks in at a time and will get at the most maybe 1 hour of smoke. I use the cast iron original box that came with the smoker. If I have room, I will leave the charcoaled burned up piece in the box and add fresh beside it. I think I get better smoke this way...
post #17 of 20 have any orchards near you?.........or tree trimming sites close them..........the orchards will trim up their trees, or maybe, after a big storm, have storm damage on the ground, they would be happy to get rid of. Or the tree trimming pips...........ask them that if they have to trim up maples, oak, other smoking woods, that they get in touch with you, and you can go pick the wood up...........maybe trade a smoked butt or two, with who ever gives you the you will be put on speed dial............lolol
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Hi Walking Dude,

It's been a while....

Yeah, six pack is a magic word. Even hopeful v-president candidate Palin defines a typical American guy as Joe Sixpack.

I think we should start adding one can of beer into sausage mass during mixing. We add red wine to Salami Milano, sweet Tokay to Hungarian Salami, white wine or vinegar to Mexican Chorizo, so why not to add beer. Beer sausage at its best.

Before someone flames me, let me jump on more relevant information:
the larger wood size the hottest flame you get and the wood burns faster (gets more oxygen). Smaller wood chips will burn at lower temperature. Sawdust will burn at the lowest temperature and of course will last longer. You get longer burn time with smaller chips.
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I ain't gonna flame about the sausage beer, sounds good! Never experienced longer burn time with smaller chips though. When there's chips and chunks in the pan, the chips are gone long before the chunks... Maybe I'm doin somethin wrong or thinkin of it the wrong way.
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i have had a lot of trouble with temps. and smoke with my GOSM . i made a lot of mods to mine in last few weeks. split door, i hope will help. going to smoke 2 chicks, atb and some shrooms tomorrow to see how it works. will post the first of the week. doing something simple the first time. (I Hope) then briskets and ribs next for the fist time if it works. i have a post on here of what i did, will try to find it. its new mods to gosm.
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