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cast iron kettle

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I just picked up a old cast iron kettle. Inside has surface rust in it. My ? is what is the best wat to clean it.
I would like to use it this weekend for some hobo stew
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I'd read some threads under the cast iron section.
Personally, I'd put it into a larger container and fill it with coke.
The coke eats the rust away in a day or two.
Then you have to reseason it. I'd use crisco or mineral oil.
Do it OUTSIDE on a grill or hot fire because the crisco makes one heck of a lot of smoke.

Hopefully NCDO Dave pops along. Dude has dozens and dozens of dutch ovens and cast iron cookware.
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try naval jelly
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I clean mine up with a angle grinder with a wire brush attachment. Works out real well. Then wipe it down with a dry rag, then one with some vegetable oil. After that, melt ya some lard an brush on, put in the oven at bout 350* fer couple hours, then out ta the grill on high heat fer a couple more, shut the grill down then just let it set till mornin. Now it is usable. Don't wash out with soap. Wipe out after each use an coat with vegetable oil to prevent the rust from formin again.

Good luck.
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do like ken posted. Dutch has a sticky on it...............lectrolisys, how ever you spell it................

(btw, i left the first "E" off on purpose)
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