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mashed smoked taters qview

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smoked taters coated in olive oil and sprinkled with coarse salt. smoked with cherry and a bit of hickory. 2hrs on my ecb no mods.

taters halved

smoked an onion while I was at it.....smoked 1 hr. outer paper skin left on throughout smoke.

added onions and mashed with bits of the skin added...oh my what a treat!

mashed smoked taters and leftover smoked chuck, with Memphis bbq sauce, and blue cheese, pear salad not shown. Thanks fer lookin'! at my qview!
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Great looking tatoos Uncle Honky. I like typing Uncle Honky. Uncle Honky, that has a good ring to it. Nice job Uncle Honky.
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Looks awesome !!!
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That's some fine taters there though.
Nice job !
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Tatoes look very tasty Uncle Honky!! cool.gif
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The taters look great. What temp?
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Uncle Honky you are the potato dude!!! those look great. whatcha think a smoked head of garlic, till its nice and soft, and mash that with them taters?? betcha it be somethin to try, way to go. its nice to have different side dishes to compliment your main smoke. keep it up!!!!
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Lookin' good. I could even have that for breakfast!
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Looks damn good.................
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Way to go with the garlic suggestion erain. That's next no doubt about it!
I cooked these on the lower rack around the 250 deg. area didnt use the digital probe to monitor. Just have to look at the ecb gauge to have an idea.

Save up these taters and fry them in a pan in the morning. Make potato patties and some hot oil in a pan, dust patties with flour and fry!! They make a great treat anytime of day!
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Great looking taters!!! I agree with erain, thow some garlic in there next time!
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