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First time fatties

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Hi all , read a lot and learnt a lot from all you on the smf ,so did my 1st three fatties today, two for the kids 1 baked bean 1 cheese n fresh spring onion n one for me n the Girlfriend mushroom and crushed chillies Hot ,what can i say none left , get picks of the food next time before its gone.

Thanks for the great reading and new ideas for me folks.
Kamado man
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No pics?....It never happened....biggrin.gif
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Would be pics if i could upload them , says size too big for smf
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way ta go guy, I did my first fatty today to with red & green peppers , spanish onion and marbled cheese turned out great
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Congrats to the both of you on getting that first one uinder your belt, from here on it's all up to you to push the envelope.
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OMG! That is a HEYOUGE! Fatty! How long did that have to cook?
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Welcome to the smf and now you will be hooked on the fatties.........
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Nice Don... :{)
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Nice going Dono, Huge Fattie and welcome aboard Kamado Man.
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Welcome to the SMF!!!
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