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Top Serlion- Qview to come

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I was looking to try some beef this time around. I have been working on pork for the most part in the past (butts, ribs). Today I picked up a nice looking Top Serlion Roast. I am not sure how it will smoke up- I am hoping to pull it for pulled beef- or chopped beef sandwiches.
I rubbed it down already and it is humming along at 250 on the WSM. Any suggestions for this cut? Should I foil at a certain temp like I do a butt? What would be your suggestions for final temp for pulling?

Thanks so much for all of the help- check back...Ill post Qview when I lift the lid for the first time. (todays smoke also consists of chicken wings and ABTs....which will be our lunch later)
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No thoughts anyone???
I am currently at 145-
Needing to know....should I foil at 165 like a pork butt....
or just take it all the way to 190 for pulling temp?

Thanks for the help in advance
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I would foil at 160 and take it to 205 then to the cooler for atleast a hour to rest then pull away. Make sure your mopping or spraying that piece of meat to keep it moist. Should be good when all is said and done.
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I did a search for "sirloin tip roast" and found one done recently by Krusher:

His was pretty large but the overall internal temp should be the same regardless of the size. His was taken to 205-210 to be pulled for shredded beef sandwiches.
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Thank you both!!!
I am spritzing with apple juice and Rye (canadian club)
I have never smoked a beef roast before- So I was not sure about the foiling. It appears as though I am in a bit of a plateau as well- sitting around 145.

Again thank you both for responding.
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You're welcome. I had about a hour and a half stall on my pork butt that is on right now but its finally out of it. Your will be fine too just have to be patient with it. I look fwd to some Q view.
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Here's one i did a while back.....

10 pounder....PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Smoking Gun- Im not sure how I missed that thread ... but it sure does give me hope for mine. I put it on 5 hours ago....currently sitting in another stall at 154. I plan on foiling and brining it up to 200-205. I think this one may be a long one!

Thanks for sharing your thread. I will have pics when I foil.
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I have a 5*r on now-pretty lean so have a 8* pork butt on the top rack-mine been on 7 hrs and at 160 now-prolly foil in a few and let go another couple hrs-not looking to pull-the butt I will leave till bedtime-and pull tomarrow
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Qview as promised-

This is when I foiled it at 160.

Currently at 172.....and is smelling wonderful
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Great post & pics Austin!.....I think you are on the right track. The plateau is the strangest thing......I was doing a brisket this morning, it had already gone through a big stall-plateau earlier, then got it to 164* then was foiled, temps on the MES were the same, no wind, my covered patio is 3/4 enclosed & the smoker sits out of any wind, about 55* outside and the damn thing dropped in temp from 196 to 191 in about an hours period?....Stalled.....then slowly went up to 202*???????
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