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Made a small Brisket overnight

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Made a Brisket after coming home from an unsuccessfull hunt. Rubbed at 2 o'clock with a rub I made months ago(hope I can find the recipe, it had crushed bay leaves in it if that helps). Put it in the smoker at 5:30 spritzing with apple juice when adding fuel. Removed 8:30, temp was 125 degrees. Foiled and placed in an aluminum pan in the oven at 170 degrees till 5am then raised the temp to 200 and removed at 8:30, temp was 182. Foiled, wrapped in towel and into the cooler for 2 hours. Don't mind the Q-veiw as I haven't made the finishing sauce with the bourban yet. biggrin.gif I ate a huge chunk already. It came out great, not too smokey which someone complained about in an earlier post. Good thing I finished it in the oven as it rained last night and I was real tired. By the way I beleive I read on here about the 170 degree oven method here only days ago. Thank you who ever posted it. I forgot to add I also made a fattie with onions,peppers and chedder. THAT was the whole reason of the smoke, the brisket was an after thought.
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You got a nice smoke ring on that bad boy! I usually take mine to 160, foil, then to about 192-195 for slicing.
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Wow, I'm impressed with 3 hrs. smoking/cooking time and you got a mean smoke ring on that puppy. What temp was running on your smoker, and what was your choice of wood?
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Tried to keep it 225-250 closer to 250. I had the brisket out on the counter for a couple hours before going in the smoker. Also I toweled it dry before adding the rub which was applied a few hours before smoking. I always dried my fish after brining so I figured why not do the same for beef. I used cherry with a few (5) chunks of hickory added every now and then.
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Very nice job there. Beautiful smoke ring.
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Looks great!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looking real nice.
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