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A fattie test with Happy Hillbilly Rib Rub #4

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Well, just tossed a fatty in the smoker, one a mommas favorites, bacon an cheese, tryin out Happy Hillbilly Rib Rub #4, my apple rub. I adjusted a few thins, see how this comes out, q-view ta foller!
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hope it works out tip-play play play-all we can do.good luck
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DUDE.........dont post without KILLING me here, with the waiting........LOLOL
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btw tip, i see the d.o.'s got added.......... biggrin.gif
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Steve, I wonder ifin with the premier membership er what ever ya call it ya get more room? Cause I know before it always said it was to big. Oh well, there listed now.

I'll get ya some q-view here in a bit an let yall know how batch #4 is a workin out, smells mighty good, not so sweet as the last batch.
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Well here be some q-view:

The taste is very good, much better then the last batch, not near as sweet, I thin I may have cut the powdered apple back a bit to much, might add in a 1/2 tsp more in the next bacth. I'm gettin close, takes time ta develop these rubs.
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That's a good looking fatty! I really do like sausage and cheesee.
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Looks Good Trav.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Tasty lookin vittles you got thar.
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Looks good Tip. So when are we gonna see the Happy Hillbilly Rub on store shelves?
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Got some good lookin' Q there, you're right about home made rubs, it takes awhile to fine tune them, but it's worth the wait.
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do you make the apple powder ?
Sounds like an excellent ingredient.
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CA: I tried makin my own, worked but way to time consumin fer my schedule, others on here make there own by dehydratin an grindin. I found a site with more kinds a powders then yall can imagine, here is a link:

Mark: Gonna be awhile fer ya see this en on the shelves, but, Been thinin bout packagein up some a my Smoke In The Holler rub an sellin that at some a next years cooks. Them folks will have the same rub, but they don't know bout the craft, will give em a taste but always wantin the real thing.

To all the others: Thanks, a simple fatty used fer testin out new rubs, but it sure is tastey testin!
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