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Boiling meat just seems so wrong when there's so many better ways to prepare them. Even ribs just slathered in sauce and wrapped in foil in a 300° oven would be easier IMO. I even cringe when I have to boil vegetables, and I'd never reheat ribs in a microwave unless I was at the office or hotel.

To be fair, "to each his own", and if you enjoy the way you prepare and enjoy your ribs, than that's great. Just don't expect much love from us indirect heat guys. smile.gif
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capt dan, to boldly go where ........!!! points if i got some
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I can not believe this thread is still here! icon_evil.gif

I understand everybody has a right to post and there own opinions but this is ridiculous!

Is this what we want new people seeing when they first open the forum, that it's allright to boil ribs....EVER!!

Be losing a lot of traffic that way!

I would think that one of the new mods would remove this, that's what your powers are for!
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well, I agree, but before it is closed and destined for the crap heap, I want to post a pic of ribs that were smoked over hardwood for 5 1/2 hrs to day.

Thats my rib reviver. I like it better than a microwave.

Lock away!!icon_smile.gif
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I'm sorry, i know i'm new around here but you really have to take the following into consideration:

0, Most of you have the benefit of growing up with Q and had the knowledge through experience from a young age. It was virtually unknown here until the early 80's and the birth of the US DIY store. Lots of folks having BBQ's without any knowledge of how to cook on one, control heat, check food is done on one etc, etc.

1, The prices of meat here, let alone trying to find quality meat is extortionate.

2, Proper Q\smoking doesn't exist in the UK in any great numbers YET, Q in the UK is burnt on the outside, raw on the inside.... we are purely the pioneers trying to convert the masses.

3, I know i can't post links here but to get into Q\Smoking in the UK is expensive, would you pay $500 for a CGSP? $130 for an ECB? Charcoal at $1.5 LB?

4, Most of the cuts you refer to here are not commonly available in the UK or known under different names. I totally realise that this is a US forum discussing a subject that the US are the world leaders in... Q\Smoking.

5, I have no idea why trying to offer advice to salvage what may otherwise have ended up in the dog\pig\bin otherwise is considered so offensive and has upset so many people, we are all here to learn, bear in mind we are trying to share what we do and learn.

CA has submitted so many helpful, informative posts and it just seems like what he posted has been almost like someone posting a spam link.

I'm not trying to cause any problems but think you have to view things from a different angle.

Cheers for all the help and advice :)

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after seeing this thread sat. morm-I also saw CA in chat so headed straight in to see wtf.he and JonD helped me understand a little more of that far away land my ancestors left 250 years ago to build a better life.we have it sweet over here guys-gals-ya, we think our prices are high,on most things-were pretty much spoiled with the selection at our local food stores-and still complain cuz they didn't have that 1 Item.I have friends in other countrys-some have waited years to come to the states for a visit-not because of $ but for permission!when we would go to stores like home depot-coscto-local food store the were jaw dropped dead.they could not belive the selection-so I let CA know he was gonna get a good ribbing (pun intended) he understood.we have all talked about those danish ribs for a gonga deal and found there was no proper way to cook them to taste anygood-well If those were all that we could get here we prolly have resort to boiling?jonD I feel didn't type that on his defence because he a countryman but I think cuz he knows and we don't. (hope your proud richT-measure twice cut once.)
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Thread Starter 
Okay - it seems that many of you have suffered a serious sense-of-humour-bypass.

Lets look at this sensibly.
I had cheap ribs - very little time to process them they were coated with the equivalent of cs gas (probably worse).
If you can't get that around your world view of cooking - hey, that's your problem.

Once boiled and remarinated they are designed either for the smoker or the grill.
I just fancied some ribs in a hurry. End of story :-)
If you don't see that - I can refer you to a very good surgeon who can replace the humour gland :-)
Good rates, works weekends.

Personally I just thought it was a bit of fun :-)
Sue me.
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Jeesh, I was just ribbing you a little...pun intended. ;)
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Well, since you put it so well, We'll accept your appology!icon_neutral.gif

I don't think anyone who replied needs any medical help though. I would also like to add, if you are on a mission to alienate american folks from the normal/proven ways of good que, you will always get an arguement. To insist that we are close minded or not sympathetic to the case that you can't get the usual cuts of meats there overseas, you may also be mistaken. So to stir the pot of authentic traditions, you may also be offending some of the folks that have replied, or at least hit a sore spot with them.Some things are better left they way they are, and to try and change decades of wisdom could very well be deemed as dangerous, especially in a BBQ forum. I wouldn't log onto" English" and tell everyone how to microwave instant tea!icon_smile.gif

I use that as an example, sorry for the stereotype.

We all do some silly things, and desperate things at times, but the stuff that we are not proud of, is best kept to ourselves and not intended for instructional websites. That is just my opinion, and I think there may be a few more here who feel
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those folks across the drink were never really known for edible food
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A salvo across the bow.... PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Your handle fits well, Curious Aardvark. It must take a great deal of wonder to consider processing pork in such a way. One suggestion: never waste your hard earned Euros on sorry meat however attractive the price. If good cuts of pork are not available your best bet is to work with whatever local and affordable items you have access to. Obviously, many of the folks here at SMF grow, hunt, gather, or catch a good deal of what they smoke. Surely there are cuts of lamb you can smoke. What about the seafood delicasies that surround your island nation? Cockels and mussels alive, alive oh!

Chock this one up to experience. There is no such thing as good, cheap meat. You get what you pay for.

That said, pay no attention to the villagers outside of your house with the pitchforks and torches. There are worse things than being called a heretic! biggrin.gif
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He** Rich, I thin there pullin up fer a full on broadside eh?!biggrin.gif

CA: Don't worry, we ain't tarred an feathered nobody round here in quite some time, Keep yer chin up buddy!
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Well, folks, I am wearing my Moderator Hat here in a rare public post.

I am not far removed from my father's Scotland. And I am well traveled, thanks to my previous employment.

In defense of all that is good about smoking, true Q and the American tradition I can surely understand some of the posts and comments.

But with real life experience and knowledge of what happens in other countries I really think we all need a bit of a reality check here.

First of all, most of us do not understand the climate of the British Isles. And then we do not understand the availability of good supplies of great meats.

Check into a hotel in London and try to take a good old shower. You are in for a real surprise when you get your "mist". And you pay for it!

So, I would like to see some more positive feedback in this thread in addition to the few who have posted positively. It is my position that no apologies are necessary and that we can all just agree to disagree in a family sort of way.

I also hope you all realize that in the British Isles there is only severely restricted gun ownership, therefore not much hunting.

Most folks cannot even afford a postage stamp piece of property and therefore cannot have a veggie garden. And that a smoker will be in your neighbor's face under most circumstances.

They do not on average have a "backyard", unless very wealthy. My ten acre spread here would only be afforded by the top 2% of the wealthy in that country.

So, while I am not defending anyone's position here I think that the thread can stay open and be an interesting look into the life and times of a family member in a situation foreign to us.

Yes, they speak English in England but it is still a foreign country.

Cheers, All!
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Heh... good post! I have POINTS left today!
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Thanks for the post CA. I get it. I didn't take it as advocating for boiled ribs, but as an option for when options are limited (with tongue firmly in cheek).

I like to see the shared experiences posted here for better or worse. It just makes things more fun...heh, heh, heh....PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif It is a forum afterall.wink.gif
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