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Rib Reviver and yet another Cardinal sin.

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Okay I'm a rib boiler. I'm not apologising it happened to be the only way I could process a whole bunch of real cheap ribs.

I did try and make amends by smoking some of them. They were great while warm but a little dry a day or so after.

So I invented rib reviver and committed another cardinal sin :-)
I microwaved them !

Rib reviver is easy and should work with any existing rub or marinade.

get a coffee cup. stick a couple dsp honey in it, 1 dsp (dessert spoon) soy sauce, about 1/4 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp chinese five spice powder and a good squirt heinz ketchup - about 1 dst :-)
Heat in microwave for about 30 seconds and stir well.
Coat ribs liberally and heat in microwave for a couple of minutes.
That does for about a pound of ribs. Increase microwave time for more ribs. That amount of reviver should cover a couple pounds of ribs at least.

I've even skipped the step where I smoked the ribs this evening.
Yep boiled ribs, defrosted, rib reviver and microwave.
Damn good ribs too :-)

I do have an excuse. It's piddling down with rain and I'm out of smoke bisquettes. And I'm here on my own and I fancied ribs and prawn crackers :-)

I do the prawn crackers in the microwave as well :-)
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SO SAD i've never been so sad in my life..i don't know if i can go on...
rib reviver....boiled ribs.....
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gotta team up with doc here!!! ever so sad ;-)
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But some have to do what some have to do. wink.gif
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If you have a regular oven and some time, you can at least skip the boiling part. Rub ribs as normal for smoking , use a foil pan and add some thinned out sauce of your choosing. Add ribs on a rack to hold them above the liquid, a little thin sauce over the top , cover with foil. Bake at 250F for 4 hours. Preheat broiler and place uncovered ribs under till you get a little carmalization <sp> on top. And enjoy.

Not that I would ever admit to doing such a thing as described above PDT_Armataz_01_04.gifPDT_Armataz_01_04.gif:PDT_Armataz _01_04:cool.gifcool.gif, but it will give you tender ribs without boiling the taste of the meat away wink.gif
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Yall did what????????!!!!!!!

Well, alright, ifin it works fer yal, but................
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I don't know if you want to take this to boiledmeatforums.com or gaymensforum.com but either way it don't belong here!!
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Oh my......

By imn88fan
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THATS' YOU WINNING SECRET!!!, I knew you would offer it upeek.gif
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Nice ribs Bubba
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There's only one thing I've ever seen pork ribs boiled for, and it's not barbeque style. It's a German (I guess) dish. Ribs and Kraut? Pretty good, I guess it must be good enough to write a small piece about. My wife makes it now and then. You put the sourkraut and ribs over mashed taters with some of the juice from the pot, salt/pepper to taste. Add a dash more vinegar if you really get into the sour/tart flavors.

If you want to try something new and different it's OK. Just make sure the weather is going to be totally foul for smoking before you decide to commit a slab or 2 of the smokin' goodies for this! Or, you might wish otherwise, 'cause this stuff may not suit your taste.

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Haha...kind of like, "you know why you're gay?"
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Sounds like a waste of ribs.... marinate em sure, but cook em IN water, not the way to have ribs in my book. Even before I learned to smoke I would never of wasted ribs by boiling them.....Let alone try to cook them in a microwave, reheat maybe but not cook. icon_sad.gif
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Best use of boiled ribs is pork stock.... throw away ribs and keep the water!
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I've never boiled ribs, but I have cooked them in the oven during a downpour while at the old digs. I rubbed them down and wrapped them in clear wrap for 24 hrs. I then wrapped them in foil and put them in the oven set for 225*. After 2-3 hrs. I would remove all the wrap and let them finish off in the oven. The foil prevents the clear wrap from burning, and the clear wrap really keeps them moist. Sorry to say, there was no smoke flavor, but in a downpour it was better than no ribs. Now at the new digs I smoke during downpiours, I just put the GOSM under the patio cover. Whatever floats your boat...
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Crap! Even when I was cooking for the family at 16, I never boiled ribs. My sister and brother-n-law would have kicked me out of the house . Boiling ribs. Spagehetti (sp) yes. Beans Yes. Neckbones yes. Ribs no.

Sorry. ribs can go in the oven, or crockpot, or the grill. I would rather have charred (grilled) ribs then even try boiled ribs.
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Lmao - gay men boil meat ?
Hey i guess you'd have to be 'in on the secret' to know that right ?
Glad you knew enough to enlighten us ;-)

The reason these ribs were boiled in the first place was gone into in detail in another post. I got them real cheap, they weren't racks of ribs - those are generally prohibiutively expensive over here - they were pre-chopped rack sections which is still way better than the way ribs are usually sold in the uk. They chop the racks up into single ribs and sell them in 1lb packs for around $6-8. No joke.

These cheap ribs needed serious processing to get rid of the evil efluvia the store had saddled them with (this is why they were cheap - nobody else would buy them) and washing for 1 hour and boiling was the only way to make sure all this crap was gone.

No I did not cook them in the microwave - just reheated :-)
And as long as you only boil for 15-20 minutes it does not remove all the taste of the meat. It's kind of like speed brining add some seasoning to the water and you can actually enhance the meat's flavour. Have an opinion by all means but try and base it on actual knowlege ;-)
For the record pretty much all meat eaten in chinese restaurants has been pre-boiled. It tenderises the meat and keeps it moist when you cook it the final time.

The rib reviver is for use maybe on smoked ribs you've left a little too long in the smoker and have gone a bit dry. Or the store brought rub you used was just plain awful and no-one wants to eat the damn things. It's strong enough in flavour to compensate for any other discrepencies in the ribs. It'd also work if you coated the ribs and heated up in the oven.
Microwaves are faster, I was in a hurry :-)

I'm not advocating boiling per se - but sometimes you have to approach cooking things with a more open mind.
If you understand what the different techniques do to the meat, there's no reason to eliminate any, just use each one appropriately :-)

For the record I will be buying a couple of racks of ribs tomorrow and smoking them at the weekend. With pics lol
Call it penance - two racks of ribs will probably cost me around $20. And they're not huge racks.
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Hmmm, interested that the pricing across the Atlantic is about the same as it is here. My wife picked up one rack of spares yesterday and it was $9.xx. Average size too.
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This thread is a cruel joke right?
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some folks just open right up when they log onto the net............don't they.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
I surely hope it is a cruel joke.
Rib reviver? What is this place comming too?eek.gif
Its embarrassing enough for someone to admit to using the oven or crockpot, but BOILING ribs, and then MICROWAVING them. OMG!

I just shake my head, and will walk away.............................................. .................................................. ..

.................................................. .................................................. .....
.................................................. ...... to go baste and mop these!

another day off, and trying to brush up on my ribs, after the buttkickin this weekend. just about ready for foil. Sorry to highjack this thread, but someone had to do it, I found it hard to resist. Maybe later, I'll show a rib reviver of my own!PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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