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this is my first thread. new to smoking, did a few salmon a few years ago in a electric smoker. i now have a GOSM, just got it seasoned and am ready to smoke. this is a great site, lots of info on smoking. we are going moose hunting the week of Oct. 13th, hope to get one and try smoking some of the meat.any suggestions on smoking moose meat will help me. would like to know how to smoke tuna fish, temp,& time & any rubs or sauces. have briskets and ribs in freezer and can't wait to start smoking them. lots of good ideas in this site. Jeff's 5 day course was a big help.
Thanks for any help and a great site.
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Welcome to the forum,Bob. I am new to smoking myself. I started this past July. I am sure someone will have some suggestions on smoking that moose.
You may want to post an introduction about yourself on the "Roll Call" forum and ask your question there. Good luck on that moose. Ron
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Well welcome aboard, glad ta have ya! Yer gonna love that GOSM.

Lots a friendly folks round here ta hep ya with anythin yall need.

We kinda have a "family tradition" here at smf, would yall mind stoppin inta the roll call an introduce yerself ta all the neighbors? We like ta know bout the new folks, what yer interest are, maybe where yall live an the equipment yer runnin an what ya dream a havin in the future.

GOSM be a fine piece of equipment, I did a few mods ta mine that made it even better.
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Welcome to SMF Bob
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Welcome to SMF. You can smoke moose just like you would beef. Then you could send me some.PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
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Thank you for joining our family!
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Welcome, Bob!

Moose hunting, eh? Will you be hunting in Maine or did you luck out on a Vermont lottery tag? I happen to live right smack in the middle WMF D-2 and have tried unsuccessfully for a lottery tag for eight years now.

Moose meat is marbled a bit and is not as lean as venison. It is also a bit milder in flavor. So, for smoking a moose roast I would definitely apply a light yellow mustard slather the night before the smoke and then hit it with Jeff's rub recipe and into the smoker. I generally do not use the mustard on domestic meat but would like to see a bark form faster and preserve the juices. My all time favorite mop is pure apple juice and Captain Morgan's Spiced rum. 2 to 1, apple to rum.

I would, out of personal preference, suggest a combination of maple and cherry for the smoke. And, I have been known to slip in one or two chunks of mesquite at the very beginning of the smoke.

Moose meat does not lend itself well to pulling so follow temp chart for your preferred doneness under beef. Rest the roast for about twenty minutes and then slice and serve.

Happy hunting and good luck!

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Glad you're part of the SMF. Enjoy the helpful readings.
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Welcome to the smf...............
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