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It's a good day ta smoke!

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Lots ta do taday, but it is cool an sunny out, nice fall day, so just tossed a 7 plus pound butt on the smoker, gonna have my mother over fer dinner tanight an the sister in law with her husband comin over tammarraw night fer sammies, refreshments an a nice fire. Gotta enjoy the weather now, ain't gonna be long till the snow flys! Yuck!

This en ain't nothin special, just my usuall rub an some mequite an apple wood, kinda gettin back ta the basics taday. I'll post q-view later yall.
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Have a great day my friend, you've got the right attitude, just add the TBS.
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That sounds like a great day to me! Lots of sammies for the football on Saturday! Speaking of snow though, I got an email alert about this nice storm coming into Arizona. They are saying that above 8500 feet in elevation we could have snow.
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Sounds great great, enjoy it while you can.
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3 hours in an were at 121*. Smell is mighty fine, I'm hungry, all I gots is some so-so leftovers fer lunch. Oh, well, dinner gonna be mighty good!
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8 hours an the butt hit 195*, pulled em outa the smoker an put the little feller in the cooler fer a nice rest. After bit I'll pull then make up some fine sammies an then were gonna have coleslaw an sumtin else ta go with it. Post some more qview after bit yall!
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You picked a good day to be outside smoking Tip. Your mom and the in-laws are in for some good sammies.
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Just pulled that butt, WOW is it tastey! I love pulled pork, be I thin my most favorite of the smoked meats next ta sausage! Gonna start servin supper here in a short an see ifin I can get a pic fer it gets devoured!

Nice an tender, smell is fantastic an course, I snuck a couple a tastes!
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Looks mighty tasty there tip. Sounds like you had a great fall day
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Dang wind here is 30mph today. Frustrating the heck out of me. PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif

My wife filled up the garden shed with lawn chairs, the lawn mower , and all that kind of stuff cause she says the summer is over and I'll have to find another place out of the wind to use.
Maybe I'll have to buy another tin shed just for my smoker.

Today I have to pull out some frozen ribs to re heat. So I guess all is not lost.

Thanks for the Qview by the way.
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looks great tip-after 5 months of 100's-northern storm gonna skate us-sundays high gonna be 78ish-and I outta pulled pork in the deep freeze-thats what I doing.prolly stack the ecb's & throw some beef in there also.
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That looks great and even sounds better. Great smoke Tip.
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Glad you had a great day for smoking, Tip. Fall has hit Fl a bit too and it's been hard to go back inside when evening hits.

Nice butt, by the way! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Here be the plated product! Sure was mighty tastey!
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