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Happy B-Day
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Happy B day Ron

Every day above ground is a good day wink.gif
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Have a great birthday!
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Happy B Day there Ronnie!
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Happy Birthday Ron!!!! i bet you be smokin today cant wait for tha slideshow!!! have a great day!!!
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Have a great day Ron & post some birthday party "q-views" please!
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Happy Birthday Ron
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Happy B-Day Ron!!
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Happy Birthday Ronp ! from another 10/3 birthday boy !
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Happy birthday Ron

Hope ya have a good one, #39?:)-LOL Hope it's good'un and ya get what you want!!!
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You too Gorilla

Have a wonderful day and hope ya get what ya want!:)-icon_smile.gif
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hope you're having a good b-day ron!
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Happy Birthday Ron. It's my wifes birthday too so i'll have a piece of.......... um ....... Cake.... in your honor. ;) BTW how does it feel to be 80?...... Just kiddin old timer PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif ...... have a great day.biggrin.gif
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Happy B-day ya old fart! cool.gif
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Happy Birthday, Ron!

Here's wishing you many, many more!

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I think we should maybe consider him for a membership to the order of the thin blue smoke. hes always there with a encouraging word or advicePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Happy Birthday Old Man....

P.S. at your age try not to break a hip, they say it's all downhill from there....
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Happy birthday Ron
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Hope you enjoyed your B-Day Ron! icon_smile.gif
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Holy Cow

Thanks Jerry for starting this.

I am totally humbled by this. I am at loss for words.

We didn't do anything special, I smoked some salami and spent some time in chat. I got a coupon from my local casino for my birthday, so I had a prime rib sandwich for lunch for $1.60 instead of $10.00.

I don't have any relatives, it is just me and Carol and the 2 kids, Lucky and Jackpot. I was going to jump in many times to say thank you, but there was another post and another and another.

I guess who needs relatives when you have friends like this. This is truly the best community on the web.

I would like to reply to each and everyone personally but there are too many posts.

So I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THAT WISHED ME A happy birthday.

God bless.

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