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Lowes Smoker

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Wife got me a propane smoker from Lowes. Just tried it out tonight. didn't turn out the greatest, but it was the first time. Second hopefully will be better. Took me forever to get smoke going. I guess I should have turned the heat up a bit to get it started and then put the meat in. Had it at 200, gas on low. Just didn't smoke. Good thing I only put about 10 pieces of jerky for the test run.
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Be patient. Its similar to smoking on a gasser with a smoke box. You're right, you gotta crank up the heat and at the first sign of smoke, turn it down and let the magic happen.
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When smoking on very low, you can start a couple of charcoal briquettes and lay along side your wood chunks. Works for me.
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maybe trying smoking at 225-250...............

your smoke will be better...........but also remeber........if you can SMELL smoke........your smoking
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Try using a coffee can in place of the cast iron, much quicker to get smoke. 225 should get you smoke.
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I have noticed with my smoker that it needs to get to 225 before i notice the smoke start to go. Not sure but 200 might not be high enough. What were you smoking at 200? Ribs and butts are usually 225-250 depending on who you ask. Good luck with the second smoke. Also the charcoal briquettes work good in with the wood.
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Smoking jerky this time. Went up to about 240 and holding there. Getting good smoke, we'll see what happens. Thanks for all the replies. Great advice everyone.
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I recently got this same smoker. One of the first things I did, at the recommendation of those here, it to ignore the built in temperature gauge. I replaced it with an oven thermometer and noticed that the built in one is about 25-30 degrees off on the high side; it if reads 250, it really is about 225 internally.

I've used mine 4 times now and get a really good smoke at true 225 degrees.
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I've not seen very good accuracy with my temp gauge either.

I've had a GOSM 3+ years. Only trouble I had with too high temps was for jerky. No mods done. I just ran the burner on/off @ about a 60% duty cycle and tried for average temp of 155. Obviously could'nt walk away more than a few minutes at a time though...

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Dvan hit it on the head.. Mine was almost exactly 30 degrees off as well..
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Get yourself a decent oven thermometer. I got one that will stand or hang and I've been hanging it just above whatever I'm cooking and once I did that I've got it dialed in pretty good. I've left mine for several hours without having to make an adjustment. Now that I know my outer thermometer is about 25-30 degrees off, if I get that dialed in, I can pretty much be assured my internal is where I want. A quick glance will prove; takes less than a second to check so minimal to no heat loss to glance.
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Jerky at 200-240??? thats cookin... not jerkin...
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