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Man thay are breeding

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Well, i originally started out with a CGSP about 8 weeks ago and thought that would be enough..... well, due to charcoal constraints and help from Brandsbay i have added to the fleet tonight :)

As i'm only going to do smaller stuff until i source wood or more charcoal I bought an ECB as it will use loads less charcoal and it will fit in my shed :) Just need to make sure the model helicopter fuel is outta there lol.

Here he is >

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Can't ever have too many!

(Note to self: buy some shiny black paint. Is that REALLY what mine looked like at one time! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif )
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Yep, they sure do breed. I started with a gas ECB type till it rusted out. All that is left is the gas burner, use it as a wok stand now. Graduated to A Silver Smoker, then a year later got a WSM, then a year later a custom made Mini reverse-flow smoker. I call him Cooper. You'll like this:

Whatever will next year bless me with?

Good luck with yours and remember, we like pictures here.
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jon...........check out this link, these mods will help you better control your temps...........i started OUT on that i use the gourmet version of the ecb for most of my smoking
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That looks great, i'm aspiring to something the size of one of the larger Langs. I plan to move to France in the next few years and hope to learn enough to be able to justify one, mind you the plot of land i'm looking at it 5 acres so no neighbours to annoy lol. I hoping to buy a MIG welder and get my engineering skills back in touch and build a real nice reverse flow on a trailer but i think the chopper trike vs smoker might be first ;)

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dude.........trikes are nice....had one.........but a PIA to steer
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Cheers WD :)

Seeing as the weekend weather doesn't look good for any smoking it looks like a modding day tomorrow if it turns up ;) failing that i'll have the bits ready :)

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I don't know what % fuel you run, but 65% R/C boat fuel works great in potato guns. You might have another use for your fuel besides the pointless exercise of trying to beat the air into submission.
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Hey Jon,congrats on the ECB.
Hope it turns up tomorow.
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Trikes er great! Got a vw powered one ta finish up someday, just to many irons in the fire an the trike is a bit down on the list a projects, but it will get done! The reverse flow project is gettin mighty close ta the top a that list right now!

It's amazin how many them smokers keep showin up, kinda like wayward pets!
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I only burn 12.5 or 15% in the heli's currently, 40% in the 1/8th buggy.

As for the trike i'm planning something Harley based I think, after the last off 2 wheels are no longer an option :( Looking at your family i'm gonna need the plot in France sooner rather than later ;)

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Well, the ECB has arrived and has been assembled :) it's currently waiting for the weekend for seasoning and Q :)

First questions.....

1, There seem to be no adjustment in terms of choke or chimney, how do you control the temps on this thing or do they just do what they do and it's all in the design?

2, The thermometer fits like a childs arm in an adult sleeve, any recommendations for securing it?


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jon.............guess you didn't read posts to this thread..........if its a plain ol ecb, then read back...........if its a gourmet...........i posted my link here in another post.........let me find it.........

but for ONE, you don't use the thermo that came with it..........seal it in with some fireproof silicon.........and get a real one...........OR.........the ET-73 Maverick we been discussing..........
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if its a's the link ds

i think its post number 7
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Thanks WD,

I did read the posts and have had a good look at the mod thread but want to run the vanilla version before modding. It's currently in my living room awaiting it's christening ;)

I have a spare decent thermo that i bought for the cgsp so fill figure a way of fitting that. I have an ET-73 and am considering buying another 1 or 2 but i have to check on channel conflicts, it may make sense to do 2 x ET-73's and 2x ET-7 which i believe is the 2 x food temp version as that should give me the maximum monitoring flexibility. If the std thermo is as good as the cgsp it will only be off by 100-150 degrees lol ;)

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true story THAT........lololol
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Why wait? Season ASAP, then you can Q when ever you want to. I'd suggest nothing too big or complicated for the first run, then any disappointments in smoker performance, etc. won't be costly ones.

Good smoke!

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Unfortunately at this time of year it's dark when i start work and dark when i get back and i also live very close to my neighbours.

I'm hoping to season it now on Thursday pm as I have a call with the US and get home when it's light so may do it in the back garden during that under the grillzebo with the ECB keeping me warm ;)

First run i'm not quite sure what to do. I'm thinking fattie plus a chicken based creation that should be done well before the 3 hr mark and see where we go from there ;)

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