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'little pieces' could be the brisket section cut off (ligamnt section above the rib bones). Were the ribs skinny like about 3-4" or wide and just ribs or 7" or so with little bones attached? (Common practice to separate brisket from rib and put under rib, but actually illegal - deceptive packaging). If so they can go in smoker @ same time.
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Thanks for all the help. I must be doing something wrong cause the ribs absolutley were horrible. Dry and very tough. I did marinade them in yellow mustard but only for and hour or two before I put them on the smoker. They had a decent taste i only mopped them once while in the first 3 hour of the 3-2-1-. I foiled them after the 3 and put some apple juice/cider vinegar/brown sugar and put them in for the 2 and had alot of pullback pulled them off after the 2 let them rest for 20-25 minutes and they were terrible. Maybe I'll try them again and maybe not. But anyway thanks ya'll for the help.

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How confident are you in the accuracy of the temp you were cooking at? 2 hours in foil with liquid at 230 should have given you very soft ribs.
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been there, done that.

don't give up. i probably wasted 4000 pigs before i got it right.
and when you do get it, ohhhh man
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My MES was set at 230. I pulled the membrane off the bone side. I put the mustard op then the dry rub. I put the "little pieces" on about 2 hours after the ribs. I did not spritz(spray bottle broke)I did mop once. After three hours I put the ribs in foil with some juice(not a lot) out back in for the 2 hours foiled then took them off left them wrapped in foil for 30 minutes. They had alot of pull back and looked good but they were tought as hell. That was my first time smoking with the water pan with water in it so the temp kept around 215 until I foiled the ribs then it climbed to 222-225. I am a bit discouraged but not enough to let the MES beat me!!!!. Itwould have probally been worse if I was not here....LOL

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