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newbie needs some help

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DO i put water in the pan? How much. I did remove the membrane. I have the mustard and my rub on them. Let me know how much you know and any tips are GREATLEY appreciated. As always thank you. Yes it is the 40" MES digital. Any other tips will be awesome. Thanks
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fill it a couple inches from the top

what ya cookin?
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I'm guessing ribs. Yup what carnuba said.

On edit: If its an MES fill about 3/4 full. Couple inches from top on an MES waterpan would mean empty, it's only a couple inches deep.
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duhhhhhhhh i've got to wake up

the "i removed the membrain" part totally
escaped my brain
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if you have a gosm or similar just fill it to the top, it will keep you from opening the door as much because as the water evaporates your heat will start to rise. Once you fill it back up your temps will level out.
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Sorry ya'll I'm doing spare ribs. Should I put some apple juice in the water pan with the water or just water? You guys are QUICK. Thanks again
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Just water
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I just use water, save your apple juice for spraying on the ribs every hour and for putting in the foil.
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Am I correct in saying the 3-2-1- method will be falling off the bone and the 2-2-1 method will have some pull? I forgot to ask when do I put the little pieces in. They were on the bottom of the package? Don't want them to tought momma will be upset. Thanks
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Thanks Crusher. I see you have done some ribs huh? Do I foil after the 3 in the 3-2-1- then foil for the 2 with the apple juice/cider vinegar mix the put them back on the rack for the 1? Also when do I put the little pieces of rib in that were unerneath the ribs in the package? I would like them done at the same time. Thanks
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Shorten the "2" part if you don't want them to fall off the bone.......try maybe a 3, 1 1/2, 1/2 depending on your temps. Best bet is during the foil part to open it up and check them after an hour.......don't worry if they go a bit to soft that last part out of the foil will firm them back up.
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eek.gif My MES is set at 230 I am using hickor chips. I have the thermometer just set in the smoker I forgot to stick it the ribs(oops that's a newbie for ya) and I am looking for fall of the bone when done. I think I just add chips when the TBS stops correct? I have read alot but now that I'm doing it I'm having a brain fart. Also spritz every hal hour or every hour? Thanks guys
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I still am not sure when to put the little pieces of rib that were in the package in so they will be done when the ribs are done????
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230 is great.

Don't worry about taking the temp of the ribs......it isn't needed. How often you add chips will depend on how smoky you like things.

If you want fall off the bone, keep the full 2 hours in the smoker.......at the end of 2 hours, if they don't fall off, try another 30 minutes.......just don't turn them to rib soup. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

I am not a spritzer really. I might do it if I need to open the door for something, but otherwise I don't bother.

Good luck......if you hold 230 and do 3-2-1 you will be just fine.
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Can't help you there........I don't know what little pieces you are talking about.........I always just have ribs in mine. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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First time I have seen these to. I'll just pput them in after they have been in for an hour. Thanks again.
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Sounds like your lil' pieces are the trimmings from the ribs. Less than 1/4" thick strips ?
If so , check for a membrane on them as well and toss them in for the last couple of hours. check after 1 1/2 hour and mayby you and Momma can have a snack while the ribs finish up biggrin.gif
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I'm with ya on the fall off the bone. What I do is 3 hours in the smoker, take them out and foil them for 2 1/2 hours with apple juice in the foil with them and maybe 15-20 minutes back on the smoker. Did you trim them st. louis style? If not I would go 3- 3.5.-.5. I love it when you can just lift out the bone and just have delicious meat.

hope this helps
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I'm with ya crusher, I like the meat falling off the bone. I did not remove the membrane form the "little pieces" I hope that does not mess them up. My spray bottle broke so I don't know if I'll mop them or just put the apple juice/cider vinegar in the foil. Thanks guys ya'll are AWESOME!!!!! I cannot find the damn camera but still looking. No I did not trim them at all.
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if you did'nt trim the I would definately go longer in the foil
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