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Shaved Smoked Pork Loin

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Ok, gang, I'm smoking two whole pork loins tomorrow, and when they are done and have rested, I am going to put them on the slicer and shave them paper thin for sandwiches at a party this weekend. We are going out of town and I can't take my smoker with me, so I have to do it this way. I'm going to put the sliced loin in a roaster with apple cider and maybe some spices to serve on Saturday.
Any advice? And should I be marinating the loins in anything? I mainly want to make sure the stuff will still be tasty in two days.
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Might be risky. Fridge for 36+ hours and then heat and serve, or serve c-o-l-d? Sorry, does not seem like an appetizing situation. If quick chilled, maybe OK, but dont keep cold when serving, or it could warm-up enough to be suspect. Reheat before serving and keep over 140 degrees, OK. Either way, watch the temps... any leftovers I would question.

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you might not be able to take the smoker with you but could you take the slicer? If so, I'd keep the loins whole, reheat by braising with the apple cider, and then slice. I imagine slicing right before serving would be best.
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I don't see the risk.....
As long as they're fuly cooked, they would be great for cold sandwiches.
As your warming them back up, even better!

Marinating a loin is about useless, maybe inject but as long as your adding something during the warm-up, i'm sure it'll taste great!
Hit em with some good smoke!
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Looks like a good plan to me.

Make sure you catch the drippings to add to the roaster. You can even do what I do with the drip pan first, is adding a couple cups of beef or chicken stock for added flavor. I think I would just rub before smoking.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the advice. I'll be serving them hot in a roaster at the cabin, so I should be able to get it back up to temp, and I plan on making sure they are fully cooked. I just wanted to try this, as one of my favorite BBQ joints around here serves shaved pork, and they also sell it in take-home vacuum sealed bags for reheating.
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Just don't over cook them.....that will dry them out and then if you try to reheat it will just compound the dry problem no matter how thin you slice them. I would yank them off the cooker around 145........150 tops personally.

Good luck.
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Get some ham, some swiss cheese, and some pickles and make cubans!!!

Press them on the stove with two heavy pans. Make sure you use some variety of non-stick so things do'nt burn.
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