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Charcol rationing..... 3-4 hour limit

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Hi All,

I managed to buy up all the charcoal i could before all the stores pulled it for the autumn\winter so have a stock of about 100KG to last me for the next 5-6 months and have figured i have to make it last.

I would love ideas for what i can cook in a single burn, prob 3-4 hours but that will reduce as the ambient temp drops. I'm fairly new to this but i know butts won't be happening for a while unless finished in the O*%n.

I think fatties will be the main item as they are never the same, i have done chicken portions and a couple of butts but not much else.

Would really appreciate suggestions and approximate cooking times\reqired temps so i can enjoy Q through the autumn\winter.


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Stuffed pork loins seem to make the rounds here now and then...I haven't tried one yet, but I drool over the ones that have been posted!

If memory serves me right, it's just normal smoking temps....225-250*...then go to an internal temp around 155-160...much more than that and you can really dry the loin out. Should be pretty easy to get those temps in your 3-4 hour cooking window...if not, a short stint in the oven should finish it nicely.

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Lots you can do in 3-4 hours. Beer can chicken, pork chops/steak, turkey drumsticks, chuck roasts -- which make great smoked burritto's, fish, dove. 100KG that is equal to what about 225 pounds over here? Not bad, thats about 20+ bags of lump/charcoal.
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foiling after smoking & putting in the oven to finish is no more cheating than using a electric smoker or a gas grill (I have both)
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There is a lot to smoke in the time allotted,,,country style ribs and pork loin (slice off1" thick) a pork roast and a small beef roast,, I love the chicken portions...what part is the portions...also as stated by davidmcg porkchops steaks and etc.. and in my opion heat is heat if you finnish smoking use the O&^n...if ya have to to save on time or charcoal.
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I have a gasser that ran out of gas. So before I ran to the store for more I threw on some charcoal into the fire pan ( 7 in one masterbuilt ) when I returned 1/2 hour later the temp was still at 220 and everything was fine. Perhaps you could eke out your charcoal that way.

Also you could finish off your smokes in the oven. during the stage where they are wrapped in foil. They don't get any smoke during that stage anyway.
Or go out and buy another 100kg now so You have plenty for all winter.

PS I bought another propane tank so that now I have a spare.
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I find that lump coal is salvageable and can be used for multiple smokes. Simply shut down the air vents and the fire goes out. A few hours later, you can sift away the ash & the large lump pieces are good to go.

Obviously, this works best if your smoker is tightly sealed.
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get into cold smoking (peppers, cheese, fish). 1 piece of coal last any hour.

also another piece of advice,
stock up on wood chunks before they get taken off the shelf or buy them online. wrap in foil when you put them in to smoke. once all the smoke is gone, take them out of the foil and you have yourself hardwood lump charcoal.
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