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Lets Talk Anaheim Stuffed Pepper

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ok this is a great stuffed pepper but the last 3 smokes with a varity peppers the anaheim pepper is tough to chew.
stuffed with cheese or meat am i picking them to soon or not soon enough they are still green bout 4 inchs long and mild on heat.
any idears please pass them on, thanks Terry
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might need to cook a little longer..normally this type of chili is roasted and peeled before consuming..
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you could blanch the peppers before you stuff them. I have done this when baking some dishes with whole peppers.
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coyote is right - this pepper is usually rosted and peeled before stuffing.
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I do alot of these as abt's... the grandma doesn't do hot... we do all sorts of peppers... cook them a slower for a little longer... blanching them is good too, or steam them... that works good and the oils give you a nice start on a spicy stock
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They do have a tough skin. Roasting and peeling them will make them softer and give some good flavor.
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Not smoking related, but anaheims are great sliced into shoestring pieces & fried in beer batter!!!!
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Like Coyote says, roast and peel them. This is one of my favorite chiles, I always roast or char them and bag them up,and after they sweat a little in the bag sauna, I peel them and do things with them. That sounds bad, I mean I use them in recipes.PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif I even do my jalapenos this way, saves a lot of gnawing, I have no teeth and all my stuff has to be softicon_exclaim.gif
That's why I say- "you don't need no teeth to eat my beef",to quote someone I heard/read somewhere!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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i gotta try this one thanks
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What he said.
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i concur,... good info guys
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You might also want to try Marconi peppers instead. An old world type from Italy, they're a lot tastier than bells, a look much like an Anaheim, however they have no slight heat-zing at the end like an anaheim sometimes will.
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