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Green Ham

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I have a 19 Lb whole green ham cut into butt and shank ends, to prepare for my sons wedding rehersal diner Friday. Can I just skin it and use it like a boston butt? If anyone has another suggestion, other than pulled pork I am open to ideas.
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Why is it green? confused.gif
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You can do that, but the taste and texture will be different than with the shoulder...........don't expect "pulled pork" out of the ham.

Of course, don't expect the classic ham flavor either since it isn't cured.
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This may be of some help as well if you have not already seen it.
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Could I get an order of green eggs with that green ham??
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Now yer just bein' a smart ... PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

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Did a fresh ham a couple weeks back. I went with chopped pork because of the different texture turned out great. Good luck that green hamicon_smile.gif

Are you actually part of Gitmo or just love to day dream of being the? I have lots of fond memories of gitmo, and even more that i would like to forget.
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And you're backing me up, Philbiggrin.gif
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If you want to pump it and wet cure it you could make a decent ham for the wedding by Friday.

This is a link to my cured ham blog.
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