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9lb Chuckeye w/Qview

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I prepared this roast last night with some injections and a good rub. Settled it into the fridge for spell then brought it out to come to room temp. for a few hours. Fired up the charbroil, got it up to a good temp and let her rip.
Here it is at 7:30am looking a little lonely so I'll be adding some babybacks for company in 4 or 5 hours. I think this is going to be a long day.

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Looks cold and lonely DD, I'm sure you'll fix that soon enough. I would bet it willbe a long smoke, at least 10-12 hrs. depending on what ya gonna do with it. Slice at 180, or take it to 205 and pull it?

Roast beef, or chopped beef, tough decisions!icon_smile.gif
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looks good man, hope all goes well for ya.
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Naww man, no decision...Thats a big ole hunk o meat.
I'm pulling it off at 180, slicing it down some, foil & back on the smoker to just above 200 for some pullin. The best of both worlds..icon_wink.gif

I'll get a pan under it after the temps come up a bit and I roll her over.
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Nice plan Dan....can't wait for the final picsbiggrin.gif
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Looking good Danger! Next to a good butt, the chuckie is my fav!
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Dan is the man with the plan !!! Sounds great , keep us posted cool.gif
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Looks like a good start. What did you inject it with?
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I mixed the rub with a nice blend of worcestershire, apple juice, a splash of bourbon and salt to taste. I re-injected it again with a little butter and coffee @140. My biggest concern is that it doesnt dry out. It displayed some nice marbling so I think I'll be ok there.

Here it is after the second injection and adding the ribs.

A lil background on this roast. Tiiming was in my favor as I asked the gal behind the counter if she could cut me a nice sized chuckeye for smoking. She goes into the meat locker and comes out with this 40lb chuck. YIKES! My initial thought was back away from the counter! Too big...lol,, but then again it being Angus I thought, well, maybe it'll be ok. My mind was racing at this point..lol I basically picked my cut as she trimmed a little fodder off of it and sliced off some steaks to get down to the eye. When she showed me the cut end it was true love....

My rub was a base of a store bought from GFS called spicy grill seasoning (garlic, onion and various other spices ??) mixed with some extra pepper and my own rub. I got caught off guard when I added the rub to my injection as the "spices" in the rub clogged my injector. So I simmer the injection mix, cooled and strained it into a bowl. It was a pretty tastey concoction but no real recipe, sorry.
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Looks real good. You should be eating good today. Love those Babybacks.
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Dan, looks great so far! That really is one fine looking hunka angus. cool.gif
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Looks great!.....How's she taste?
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Looks great!...is it done yet...we need to see some finished pics icon_smile.gif.
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Very nice indeed, I bet it going to be sooooooo good.
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Half he chuck was sliced and put back on to finish.. I took a couple samples and it was pretty tastey.. I had to slice it hot so I let the slices back into the juice to cool before vacuum sealing. It was really hard to quit slicing knowing I have to tend the lump cobbler for a coupler more hours. and it's been hard not to use the uh..bad word..O**n.

The ribs were pretty darned good.. A lil spicy for my daughter but she got through it like a trooper..

2 racks went into vacs for later... one went to the neck biggrin.gif

Thanks for lookin in....Time for some Ice Cream...
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Nice Job Dan. Looks Great.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good! Thanks for the Qview.
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Is that right - you used Coffe ?
Not seen that before or sure how it'd work out with butter lol.

So what kind of coffee ?
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yep.. It was more of a lark than effective tenderizing method as this was brewed coffee but coffee grounds in the marinade give a fantastic flavor and have great tenderizing abilities.
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Mmmm Dan, looks like they came out great!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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