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6 lb butt and 4 lb chuck roast. Qview

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Picked up a 4 lb chuck roast for dinner and butts were on sale for 1.29 so I got a small one to serve for dinner tomorrow.....

Coated the chuck with the spicy bourbon rub and put it on at 250 with some hickory and cherry smoke....

Took it to 140 and foiled.... apple juice/Beam mop....

Put it back on and let it go to 150 then rest for 30 minutes.....

Sliced some and served with beans n fried taters.

I put the rest back on the pit to 200 and will pull it for tomorrows lunch.

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Here's the butt with a fresh batch of Jeff's rub....

Coated the butt with maple syrup/honey mixture then applied the rub......

Took it to 100 then flipped it and started mopping with the AJ/JB mix......

Plateau at 144 for about 45 minutes and is now at 147. Smells yummy. :)
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Sure looks tasty SG!!cool.gif
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Nice Sg, keep the pics coming.
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nice smoke bro..i'm kinda jealous i aint had time lately fer a good smoke icon_sad.gif
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That looks like some good eats there. Nice job. How was that Spicy Bourbon Rub?
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Great lookin' Q my friend, looks very appealing.
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Spicy bourbon rub is my favorite rub for beef. Nice kick to it but not too much for the kids. Got late on me with the rain delay last night so i am just getting to posting these pics......

Took butt to 200 and rested it for a couple hours toweled in the cooler. opened it up and here she is....

This piece of meat was trimmed pretty close and didn't have a lot of fat. I pulled it apart and cleaned out the fat and stuff. Pulled the meat and sealed it up in a big container for later. I'll add some finishing sauce before serving.......

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Great smoke SG!! Keep my eye out for that rub....I'm do for another roast!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job on the combo platter!icon_smile.gif

When ya can't make up your mind, just do both, I always say!PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

food looks great and the pics are awesome!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Where does one purchase this Spicy Bourbon Rub?
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Very Nice!!!!
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I get the spicy bourbon rub at my local grocery but you can order it here.....


or you can search the net for another supplier. columbiaspice has some lysanders rubs in bulk but I'm not sure if the have the SBR in bulk. I'll check it out.

I didn't see the SBrub in bulk but they do have their Cajun rub in 5 lb packages. I have a package of the Cajun rub but haven't tried it yet. Their pork rub is very good and i use it on chicken too.

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great smoke!!! that chuck looks done to perfection. good job!!!
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Looks excellent SG! Thanks for the link to the rubs too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The chuck was VERY good but I have to say the remaining part was refoiled with the juices and put back on the pit. I didn't even stick a thermo in there and just left it on until the butt was at 200. Took it out and put it in a sealed container. When I heated it up for lunch today the flavor from the rub and juice was just incredible and the meat was falling apart tender. I was wishing I had cooked a bigger roast or maybe done another one to pulling temp. Next time I'll let it go to 200. wink.gif
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SG, thanks for the link to the rub. That brisket in your signature looks awesome too. Wonder how that Chipotle Rub of theirs would be. Ever use it?
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YW Cajun. I havent tried the chipotle yet either but as much as I love the taste of chipotles I'm sure it won't be long until I do. I don't think they have it at my grocery yet. I have used the Beef Rub, Pork Rub, Spicy Bourbon of course and I have the Cajun just haven't tried it yet. Beef rub is just ok, Pork rub is really good (although I like Jeff's rub better on pork) and of course you know how much i love the SB Rub. :)

That brisket in my avatar is the 10 lb monster flat I did for my Dad's birthday, It was wicked good. ;)
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Thats what I'm talkin about!

Its amazing to me how much difference the taste is when ya take it to 200-205.Especially if your brave enough to foil it late(for a far better bark) like 175-180.icon_wink.gif
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Ok Got in late again so I didn't have a lotta time to cook sides. Warmed up the Pulled pork and hit it with some finishing sauce.

Whipped up some Garlic mashed taters and some stuffing and let the family dig in. No one wanted sammies so we just had the pork on a plate with sides. Yum....

Capn Dan I'm learning every smoke. you're right about the flavor. WOW!
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