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Looks like someone had a great lunch today. Great job ron.
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Thanks Crusty.

Here it is after sitting in the MES all night at 190'

Fork in, meat out.

Clean bone. Mmmm look at those juices. Drained them and into the freezer for fat removal.

Beans were perfect.

Juices added back and were absorbed back into the meat.

Delivered them at 12:35, I felt like a celebrity. I was welcomed with open arms by 12 hungry people, got help unloading. Inside I unwraped it all and the room started humming with ewws, and ahhs.

A couple hours later the owner called me to thank me and said everyone raved and it was awsome grub.

I talked to the mom about what they do when they treat their employees for lunch. She said they order from Quarters BBQ. I couldn't find their site but found this.

She said they charge 9.95 a pound for brisket and 4.95 a quart for the beans. Usually costs her $125.00. She said the lunch room went quiet while they were eating they were so involved in the food. She said Quarters didn't hold a candle to my stuff. Quite a compliment and she said I wouldn't say that if it werent true. She asked why I didn't have a BBQ place, and I explained my situation with moving and such. She was thinking about putting BBQ sauce but after tasting it said it didn't need any cover up, it was tender and juicy and very flavorful.

All in all they got at least 22 sandwiches from an 8.3 pound butt. I told her I would I would do her next lunch for 60 dollars and she said she would be calling me.

Hey, not getting rich but doing what you love is fun and making some gas money is even better. I probably had less than $25.00 in product and spices.

It was a good feeling not only the compliments, but the payback was worth it making others happy.

Thanks for watching,
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Another Nice Q Ron PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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well. very nice. heck you might even have made some new friends. never know. might be there friday meal from time to time.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Its all about the Big SMILE that thay have on there face when
thay take the first BITE!!!!!!

Thats what makes all the hard work pay off.
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Nice Ron, looks great and I am sure it tasted good. Man those juices look good.
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Another fine smoke and post Ron! Bet ya won't be havin too many car problems anymore.....thinkin your new friends will be hookin ya up from now on! Congrats my freind!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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great story
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Thanks Brian.

Thanks, that would be nice.

And smiling they were, ear to ear.

Thanks, Cajun I had about 3 cups of liquid gold.

Thanks Gene.


Thanks for watching.
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