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Bow season cook

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6 of us are going to hunt camp for the start of bow season. My back has flared up so to make the best of the situation i'll be cooking all weekend. Friday night we'll have a fish fry to cook some of the bream we caught this spring. Sat. we'll put a brisket on about 5 am.Planning on smoking venison fatties for sat. lunch. We'll have the classic beans, slaw,& butt for supper. Large amounts of beer lots of jimmie buffet & hopefully a good time will be had by all. I hope to have pictures (of the food,we rarely shoot deer ) next week.
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Sorry about your back, I know the feeling, Get well soon and have fun Good luck on gettin a deer this year
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sounds like a great time, something like that would have me blowing the dust off my bow, have fun and take care.
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That does sound like good time lostarrow!cool.gif
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Lostarrow, sorry bout your back. But hunting camp is about food, friends and spirits! At least it is for our group. Getting deer is always just a bonus
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Hope the back gets better soon so you can hunt with the rest of them. Cooking is great too, but not on opening day. Looks like fun will be had by all.
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