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MES Year Updates

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For some of you that have been around awhile (or have better googling (sp?) skills than I have!), when does MES come out with its new models? I've been searching around on-line and most of the 30 and 40 inch models start with a model # of 2007##### . I want a 40" by the way for more room to grow!

I'm ready to buy, but since I can't find anything locally at Sam's, I need to order on-line. That brings up the year thing since I can't see it before I buy it. Is a 2008##### number due out soon?

And more importantly, what changes would you expect to see on it since now they've added the top vent, door latch and round gaskets (don't clean with bleach, they will crack on you by the way)?
Is there a reason to wait?
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Call them and ask them: 1.800.489.1581

They only list the 30" on their site now.
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Well, they said they were still going to be selling the 40" but didn't have it listed on their site because they were out of them. Seems demand was much more than they thought it was going to be. They've placed another order with their builder in China but they won't be shipped to the US until late December probably.

They do have a special right now though if you are looking for a 30" model. It's $279 but she can give you a $70 off coupon so brings it to $209 plus shipping. They will also throw in a free spice kit if you pay the $9 extra shipping for it. This special is good until Thanksgiving.
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I forgot---she also said that she wasn't aware of any changes they were going to make for the next year's version.
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I got the 2007 model 30" and it works like a dream. Have you heard of any "known" problems with the 2007 models that would make you want to wait for the '08?

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Early on there were some but are corrected now. Customer service is GREAT.
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Thanks Ron- you just saved me some nice bucks. The cheapest I had found it so far was at BPS and after all the extra charges it would come to $438.94. EBay I just got one for total of $347.45 including shipping and insurance. That's a savings of $91.49!
You earned Points for that one! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You are very welcome, glad I could help.

Congrats and welcome to the MES club.
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Of course, now I needed the Maverick ET-73 thermometers since I'm going to be a world renowned professional smoker now icon_rolleyes.gif and ebay found me one for $46.34 total vs. Amazon's $59.99 plus shipping, a savings of $13.65.

Thanks again!
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QVC has then back in stock for 199.00 plus shipping. Also i got an et-73 maverick for 36.00 plus 5.00 shipping from an outfit called "Homesmart".

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The QVC one is a black 30"; I got the SS 40". That's still a pretty good price though ($220.27 total) and might beat the one from the factory. I didn't ask her if her special was the black one or the SS one so I can't compare. And I didn't ask what her shipping was either.

The only Homesmart I could find was having to do with homes? But yeah, that would of saved a couple of bucks and I'll look harder if I decide that 2 probes just isn't enough fun and 4 would be more fun!
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I'm responding late, as you already found a SS40" on ebay.

Calling Masterbuilt will not get you much info on what is ahead for the future. I tried it on simple questions and really didn't get any help. Those were sales type questions not tech support.

What will be new in 09? It would be great if the MES had a remote smoke generator accessory. 275 deg max is great for smoking but 350 deg would be better and allow for some baking and other uses.

Should you wait? NO! With all that is happening in the economy, fuel costs, trade deficits, etc, the price could be double in 5 months time. The MES is a very solid performer with better features than most in this price category, anyone would be happy with the MES in its current build configuration.
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Sorry: the name of that site for that maverick thermometer is "SMARTHOME".....this is what happens when you get

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Thanks for the info folks! I'm looking forward to lots of great smokes!
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I'm the proud father of a 75 lb 40" SS bouncing baby MES!

It just came in and it's sitting proudly in my den now; I wonder if my wife will notice it there? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Can't wait to try it but dang if I'm not leaving on a fishing trip tomorrow morning for a week with my brother. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif I'm pretty sure we'll get some kings that I can smoke, and since I live out in the middle of nowhere it'll give me a chance to stop in a real city on the way home and find some good meat choices to break that sucker in. It's going to kill me to wait a day to pre-smoke the smoker meatless to get it ready, but it'll be worth it.

And Ron, I got it at that good price from your suggestion to try on EBay, but it also came with a free cover that wasn't even mentioned. Cool!
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Good job Man. Dang, get that fired up and at least get it seasoned and smoke something, anything, get a damned potato and smoke it.eek.gif
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