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That's a real good deal.
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Think I found a drum with a lid for free,got some gate valves left over from some irrigation I bought.So hopefuly I'm in.Can't imagine that there is a UDS in England yet,so hey it maybe a first.
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welding is just another tool like screws or rivets. why is it so unfair? for example - if you need to install a hinge and it's welded as opposed to riveted, you're out of the contest? what's the difference? i don't have a rivet gun; does that mean that riveting is not allowed?

just playing the devils advocate here, no offense intended...
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I know of several Drumheads across the pond!

Glad to see you joining the club!
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Oh well atleast there will hopefuly one more icon_smile.gif
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gonna try and paint my outside today. getting rusted bad. got a lid, found grates for $13. i should have all my parts piled up and
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Well I picked up four Drums today.
$16 and they are all in good shape. They all come with lids and locking rings. They had some sort of fiberglass foam spray in them before. There is little residue on the inside but it comes off with you fingernail. I will use my friends pressure washer to get them all cleaned out. Then I'll burn them out with either a weed burner or most likely just get a roaring fire going in there.

Living in Fl and only being 6 or 7 miles from the Ocean and a mile and a half from a saltwater river, rust will definitely be my main concern.

Big game, where'd you get the lids for $13?
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not lids. the grill grates were $12.98 at big r's.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Don't know what Big R's is. Is that the Weber Kettle grate you got or a knock off. Im thinkin of buying the $22 job from Walmart. Havent been able to locate a used Weber yet.
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i dont remember the brand. but they carry from 10" to 22.5".

big r's is a farm supply feed store.

they have weber accessories. ill have to check on the brand.
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I believe home depot has them for around $15 right now in FL.

I've got a wanted ad on craigslist right now looking for a cheap drum, if I can score one in time I'm in for the buildoff.
BTW if anyone in the Tampa/St Pete area knows where I can get a drum I would much appreciate it, maybe even willing to give some cherry chunks for a good lead.
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got my drum burned and painted. just waiting and comeing up with a game plan right now.icon_idea.gif
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