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I think some people would probably like to compete to build the best "over the top" UDS's with no rules as to what you can and can't do. Maybe a contest for the best tricked out UDS with an ending submission date, the only rule is that it has to be functional. I personally would like to be able to weld. I don't really want to build another plain old UDS even though they work just as good as the pretty ones. With all of the rules it will be more of a "who can build a UDS the fastest contest". They will all for the most part look the same if everybody has to use the same list of matierials, mandatory parts and can't go over a $100.00. I already have a UDS and if I am gonna build another one I am gonna go all out! No disrespect, I think that it is great that you are trying to organize this contest! I maybe totally off base? Sometimes I think everybody thinks like me and they don't. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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not a set parts list. you can use anything you already have. and freebees i dont believe count. and i guarentee mine wont look like everyone elses. just scored a weber lid yesterday for mine.

theres no set list except you need a table. beer holders ect. that dont say that the table must be wood aluminum bone lol. hope theres more intrest. i am looking forward to it.
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After your comment and some thought I decided welding would be just fine. Creativity does not require welding.

Also, the reason for the limit of $100 is so it doesn't become a who has the deepest pocket UDS build.

I have started looking through the garage to see what miscellaneous parts I have lying around I may be able to use. I have an idea of what "theme" it is going to be, I just need to locate the rest of the stuff.

I highly doubt many of these are going to look alike.

I encourage you to give it a go.
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Are you talking about the most over the top idea, or welding in general for the original contest?
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i DONT have a welder. and i aint skeert. lmao. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

let em weld.
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You are right about creativity not requiring welding and normally I really wouldn't even want to get mine out for a UDS build but I kinda have an idea that requires a little bit of welding. I had the idea a long time ago just never had a reason to go for it...
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I don't plan on taking part, but I think it [welding] would be an unfair advantage.
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You are probably right.. I think I will sit this one out and watch what everybody else comes up with. I am sure there will be some awesome builds! I already have three 55's that I have plans for not really going along the guidelines of the traditional UDS design. I would buy 1 more 55 for this build off but my wife would KMA, plus my neighbors might think I have a hazardous waste dump in my back yard. Looks like ugly drum city already!icon_rolleyes.gif
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well. not to many takers yet. getting ready to season my first build. man them dogs rust fast. took it down to bare metal with a stiff wire drill brush. powersprayed and turned upside down in the sun. went back 30 min later to rub with oil. and had to wipe the rust out of it first.eek.gif
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you say pre burn out is ok, what about burn out plus wire brush?
so far that is all i have done to mine.
i was planning on starting to accumulate the rest of the pieces in the next couple weeks, and hope to have it done in time for the holidays, so that week pretty much fits my schedule icon_smile.gif
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Yeah, it can be cleaned out and wire brushed first. No fabricating before that date.

About welding being an unfair advantage, I dont think so. Yea it would be nice to have that option, but some 90* brackets can usually take care of that.

I think creativity will win on this one.

I started going through all the random stuff I have saved over the years. You know the stuff that you go to toss in the trash, and then think, I may be able to use this for something some day.
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Hmmmm, not a bad way to look at it. cool.gifbiggrin.gif
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i hear ya. i have tons of stuff like that lol. i think they call it ocd lmao.

im not releasing much more of my first build till this one is over. i came up with some cool moving parts for the innards and want to use that in the contest.PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif

doing the first HOT burn in mine now to burn on the oil and cure the paint.
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I wanna participate. However, I'm having trouble finding a food grade drum. Anyone on the boards from the upstate of SC?

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Dern it!

I started mine already and although I have a second drum I'm saving it for my dad so he can build one too. Maybe next time! Good luck to all of you participating. I can't wait to get more ideas so Pop's UDS will turn out fantastically.

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well im officially in. burning out FREE drum tonight. got my BBQ paint and a couple small parts.

so since we can burn out and clean it.. and they rust so quick. i assume were allowed to paint and or season it. as long as the drum is plain. no drilling or welding ect???????????

i was gonna burn it tonight and paint clean and season inside tomorrow. but there will be nothing else done. prepped drum so to speak but it will be bare.
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I'm trying to get me a drum as we speak...
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How do you season a drum if it's not built?
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hum. i dont know but mine burned out and begining to rust already.

gonna have to be sprayed. gonna burn it again now to get the wetness out of it. rained yesterday and last night. ill wait and wire the inside later during the build i guess. gonna have to bring it in the shop i guess. those things rust in minutes.eek.gif
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Im picking up 4 drums tomorrow all with lids and locking rings for $20 total.

Not a bad deal.

Maybe a UDS for me one for my friend, and then a two barrel one on top of the other smoker.

That will add to my signature line for sure.
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