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Smoking a Duck?

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Good day all,
My buddy called me this weekend all excited he had been hunting at a friends place all weekend. Come home with a couple of whitetails, and a farm raised duck. I didn't ask how he got the duck, probably some late-night, rum-induced gambling went bad. But anyway he wants me to smoke it for him. I wasn't too sure on smoking a duck, I remember reading somewhere that it wasn't a great idea because of the fat content. I couldn't honestly put together a straight answer for him so I decided I'd have to go to the experts.
Is it a good idea to smoke a duck and if so, any recipe suggestions?
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I've smoked plenty of ducks before... they turn out fine.

Some people seem to not like them so much, but I've never had a bad one. No one that's ever ate mine has complained either.

my recipe is here:
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