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First ABTs

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I did these last week, but didn't get a chance until now to post. I used cream cheese, garlic, pepperjack cheese, and pepper. Turned out tasty, but I think that I didn't get the "rib" part of the japs off of all of them well. A couple were SUPER hot! Of course, this was after eating a couple, and thinking the spice was about right, and that they were bite size.

Here they are along with a fatty ready to go on the smoker:

All done, and ready to dig in!

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Looking good, I have been hooked since I first tried them. Cleaning out the interior ribbing makes a big difference in heat level. I scrape the inside wall with a spoon after cutting them in half.
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Wow, those look great! I leave a little rib or seed behind for some heat. I use a small melon ball scraper to clean them out. And by the way, great Q VIEW!
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They look good. Have some in the fridge ready to roll for alter this week. Good job.
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Ismoke, what type of wood did you use, temps, they look crispy, how long were they on?
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They look great. The heat the better. YUMMY.
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Good looking ABT's! These have become one of my favorite snacks when smoking or gilling. You did a really nice job they look great! I suspect like the rest of us these won't be your last. I'm with Rich, post your recipe and how you did it. Thanks for the q-view.
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I used Hickory, cooked at 230 for a little about an hour and a half. It was literally my first time every smoking anything (along with that fattie), so I was kind of just going by look. They ended up great though!
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They sure look good iSmoke! I like the sound of your
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looks great for a first smoke-nice job Ismoke.
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