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I smoked the loin

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It took 5 1/2 hours at about 210-225. I up'd the temp to around 275 for the last 30 mins. I was getting impatient. I used mesquite.

I slathered the loin with honey and cider then rubbed with some rub that I wanted to use up.

Then I injected with cider. I used a cider and whiskey mix as the spray and probably sprayed it about every 30 mins or so. I pulled at 146F then drenched it in butter, honey, cider, and whiskey. Wrapped in heavy foil and tossed it in the oven where it relaxed for about 30 mins or so.

The loin was EXCELLENT!! Lots of praises from all those involved in eating it. It was super tender and juicy. I could have gotten away with smoking a 6lb loin rather than a 7.5lb loin for serving 7 people easily.

Only problem was the lack of smokey flavor in the loin. There was some smokey goodness but I would have enjoyed much much more.

Next smoke will hopefully be a turkey breast as practice for Thanksgiving or a London Broil as a shorter smoke.
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WOW! That sounds good! I want to try that on my next smoke.
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Sounds great....keep at it!!
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Where's the pictures? confused.gif
No QView, it didn't happen!!
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Would've looked good had there been pics, I'm sure PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif . One rule of thumb, don't ever turn up the temp to speed up the process if at all possible. The art of smoking meats is with the low-n-slow technique to keep cuts of meat with little to no fat, moist and tender, as they cook.

Hope to see pics of your next smoke!
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no smoke

the honey acted as a barrier for the smoke penetration
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Tru dat, but you can wail away on something like a Pork Butt once it is foiled. You gotta love fat PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I was thinking the same thing. Seen a few posts with the same issue... too much wet on the outside makes a barrier sort of.
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So for future reference what is something sticky to hold the rub on better that will still let smoke penetrate?

Everyone was getting imaptient there near the end of the smoke. That's why I turned the heat up. I'll just start earlier next time.

I'll definitley take some pictures next time.

Can I use photobucket for posting pics?
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Yeah, Photobucket, flickr, tinypic or about any hosting site should work.
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From your description, I can see where the flavor came from. Maybe waiting a little longer before spaying. let the smoke work it's way into the meat.
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You can use Yellow mustard, I use mayo on chicken, EVOO.
Photobucket is good. Just remember in the ulpload area to locate the blue colored OPTIONS link. Size you photos 800 x 600 or smaller.
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Yellow mustard? Interesting. I'll give it a try next time. Next time will likely be a smaller 5lb loin rather than the 7.5lb monster I cooked on Saturday.

Thanks for the tips on photobucket.
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no smoke...

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