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Roll Call....Flushing rib burn

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Lets get this rolling, who's in ?? cool.gif
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Rich, Dan and Lee, i can get IBP full Spares for $1.39 a lb, need to know by Wednesday early if your interested!
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Put me down for Hmm..how do they come? 3 per? Will we want a couple extra slabs for munching or not?
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Single pack cryo's, average 4.5 lbs a rack.

I'm doing 3, 5 bones for turn-in and a rack to eat! cool.gif
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Thanks for the offer. I am gonna get mine from the butcher already trimmed. I'll have him put them in the store packaging so it will still be ligit.......won't it?
I am gonna do 3 racks of spares and 2 bb's
I emailed the COC for any info on sites and water availability, still no response. I think I am gonna call them>PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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OK, I'll take 3 racks. Cheaper than I can get them. I assume they are of decent quality. Otherwise you'd not get them ;{)
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he boils his anyways so it don't matter!eek.gif
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I'll get you the special "enhanced competition ribs"......PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
Really, we use these for catering and should be using them for comps.

Bite me! cool.gif
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ROFL its true I've seen pics!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

J/k. Good luck guys and have fun!
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OK Steve put me down for 2, his and hers But I will have to remove a rib from hers LOL.
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Finally gotta call back today from flushing chamber of commerce. Says we will be on main street downtown, 10x10 sites, garnish as you want, or not. Judges are not KCBS, meat will be inspected there. These were answers to my questions left on her voice mail. She left the answers on my voicemail.icon_surprised.gif I don't know about the water situation or bathrooms.Hopefully we don't hafta use the bathrooms of the stores that we are parked in front of.

Well, see ya's on sat. good luck to everyone.cool.gif
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IT's on a main Street? Well thats crappy. I thought it was in a park. Anyway Dan do you have an addy so I can aquire a map. THANKS LEE
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Got ribs ordered.
I got 2 cases coming so Rich and Lee are covered and should have some leftover if anybody wants extra!
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Bubba, Rich, Dan & all: Wish I could stop up or participate. Wife and I think it is JUST too far to be away (she is due Oct 13 and came early by one week on boy #2 so we hope it happens this week) Enjoy yourselves. I did come up with some IL-MI tics for this weekend and since that is 20 min from my house, I am going. GO ILLINI.
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If you wanna hook up with me, I'll be at 24 and 69 about 7:15-ish Lee. I want to get there by about 8- can't be more than 40 min from there. I'll send you a link for a route. I'm going 69 to 475 exit- I think you can hit Saginaw from there...up to 5th. Ave. <Flushing road> and west a few miles into town.
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Well I brought the canopy up from the basement ( it's one heavy S.O.B. ) The only ? I have is, if this event is on Main St. how in the heck are we to anchor it down ? If it stays as windy as it is today I would even worry about the stakes pullin out. I guess I could bring a concrete drill bit and some anchors along. LOL. I did google a map this morning and may just drive directly there or get off 69/24 and just follow ya there. It dont matter. Last night I thought it was out in a park somewhere so when I found out it was on Main St. It was an easy search
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you are right about going up 69 dont get on the 475, just stay on 69 unil you hit the 75N go to exit 122, turn left off the exit and go until you hit flushing

i hate mapquest..lol
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Hmmm good question on the anchoring. I WILL have my hammer drill on the van ;{) Hmm I dunno... hopefully they have a solution eh?
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Yeah Teacup. My Dad was at St. Mary's Hospitol last summer and I got on that 475, hit detours and ended up right back where I started lol
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Since you know where its at, maybe you could haul your azz out there??? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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