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Looking for recipe for sausage with chillis

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I've got a mate who's grown a bunch of chillis this year.
We have no idea what kind of chilli they are. About 2 inches long and bright red. He says if you take the seeds out they're not too hot. I've yet to try one :-)

Anyway looking for a recipe for sausage with chillis in.
I generally avoid chillis as I've found in the past it's very hard to get consistence results. It's either mild or rip your taste buds out hot.

I'm thinking maybe add some strong cheddar as cheddar and chilli seesm to go quite well. Or maybe a sweetish recipe for the same reason.

So what's your favourite sausage with fresh chillis in ?
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we use 15lbs meat 2lbs cheese and a quart zip lock bag of chopped chilis.
that seems to be about right.
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there's some interestig ones there - most use dried chllis or hot pepper.

Cheers coyote - that sounds good.
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smoke the peppers into chipotles 225 f. 3-4 hours

this is a great nuevo recipe we make at wholefoods.
Cherry Chipotle sausages

for 1lb. you can scale it from there

1/2 C. dried cherries soaked in taquila or rum, even brandy would be nice
2-3 or more or less to taste chopped smoked chiles
1 T. Dried Oregano, Mexican if you can get it.
1/2 T. dried thyme, english if you can get it.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
2 T. sweet paprika
1 T. died garlic
1 T ground coriander seed.
salt to taste

They are really nice and different, great in a south western pasta.

smoke the sausages until done then toss with pasta toppe with olive oil, cilantro, olives, and diced fresh tomatoes, and smoked corn. and some garlic

We get the EVOO hot and sweat the garlic, add the tomatoes so they get a little saucey and add the corn until it is hot. stir in pasta and sliced sausages, heap on a pasta server and garnish with the cilantro and olives.

sometimes we make it a baked pasta for pot lucks and topp it with tortilla and cheddar befor baking.

good luck!
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now that's more what I'm after :-)
Might substitute dried apricots for the cherries - can't stand dried cherries :-)
Should work just as well.

Yeah we'll give that one a go.
We can start with a pound and run it through the food processor.
Keeps a firmer sausage for smoking anyway :-)

Fairly sure there's Fresh thyme in the garden :-) Also confident it's english ;-)

Here's one for you. My nieces were over from canada for july. So we made abunch of sausages with fresh herbs from the garden and home grown garlick. Now I'm no gardener. So I just went round crushing and testing anything that looked like a herb and picked a whole bunch of stuff.
One of which turned out to be a lavender. We were extremely surprised. It tasted real savoury and strong. Not at all lavendery.
Made great sausages too :-)
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Here's a link to a smoked sausage with fresh jalapenos that I've made before. My only changes would be to seed half of the jalapenos, so you get the taste without excessive heat, and personally I don't like to use MSG.
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cheers for link.
man thats WAY too much msg :-)
knock that down to 1 1/2 tsp and it'd be about right.
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Hey CB812, did you leave out ground Pork from that sausage recipe on purpose?!?

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lol he did say it was for a pound.
Anyway costco had a bag of dried cherries (I was thinking glace cherries which are horrible - the dried one are really good). So I've got all the stuff for the recipe. Knock some up before the week end and smoke a few :-)
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Coyote, it's 6 in the morning here, and you've just made hungry as a bear coming out of hibernatrion.
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thanks Richoso..

That is what I like. most use the jalepenos for sausage. and they cook while being cured. I just love the taste of roasted green chili, and can pretty much depend on the chili pepper for the heat I want. some time the jalepeno can fool you. no heat or off the scale. and if you buy them from the store they can be mixed (heat wise ) pretty good..
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