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Lookin good!
I don't see any intakes installed yet?
Are those holes you made for the axle tight? If they leak, might give you problems.
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Awesome build! A great inspiration to those of us trying to build our own. Thanks for sharing it!

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You are really going to be glad you installed the wheels and the handle. That basket and table comes in way more handy than you can imagine. Love the antlers!
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working on intakes next. finished up with the stainless grate holders last night. my buddie got me a bag of ss bolts and nuts washers . 50 or more easy. so i have plenty.

the axle is real tight. had to drive it un with a rubber mallet. and i have some two part heat resistant epoxy to put around there as well.

im putting 3 rests in. one low. one high. and one just a few " below the high one. the high one will allow briskets, butts ect...

low one same thing chickent ect. and three racks in this fashon i wanted for abt's and small items. i could put butts chickens ect on bottom. and butts brisket on high. and the very short one abt's and be able to get lots on with there own rack.

and if i have a huge bird like a turkey. i can use low rack for ect... and remove the top one all togather and use the abt rack for the bird so it will give me more clearence from the dome lid.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

supposed to sandblast inside tonight. if he has sand.

thats a new beercan chicken holder i got last night for $3 ss on clearence.
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big game cook..nice touch..(the antlers) that rocks.
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I have to hand it to you Cook, those shed antlers really got the wheels turning. I've been eyeballing a beat down rusted up first generation heavy guage New Braunfels piece in the back of the factory I work at. The owner has had it forever and I have been thinking about asking if I can have it. It would have to be completely sandblasted and all the wood replaced, but I can see it now with antler handles and a Dallas Cowboy silver star painted on the end of the smoke chamber.


Cowboy haters are invited in advance to keep the catcalls to thyself...
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thanks folks. got my intake holes drilled and the flaps ready. stained the table oak planks. and mounted a lil brass friend on the lid. a frog to add to the rustic look. added the epoxy to the axle to stop added drafts.

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intakes are done. on all 4 sides.

and got it decked out with mop holders, and beer can chicken hooks under table to hold racks.

hope i can find all the parts i need before the buildoff. this was fun. and cant wait to use this.

got axles sealed.

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I like it. Next time I think I would do the vents like that. It seems one would have better air control.
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And you haven't fired it up yet ???

Be sure to season it with a fatty to break it in!

Drum law! cool.gif
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Looking good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Seems to be one accessory missing , mayby you could find it here wink.gif
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good idea. for my buddies lol. i save aluminum cans so thats all i buy. sodas i mean lmao.eek.gif ya right.
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AYE , me too , cans fit back in the box better , no breakage worries , and much lighter to carry back for the deposit too . And $ 1.50 for a turdy pack keeps the math easy biggrin.gif

I was thinking more along the lines of a functional decoration in case a die hard , raised on a bottle type showed up. wink.gif
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ya theres a few around here. butth***s always leave them in the yard and everywhere. maybe need to add a coffee can under it so it would collect them too.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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looks real good. not to get off topic, what kind of rifle is that?
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Thats a right fine drum yall built there!
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Love the antlers! Nice job!
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That's one mean UDS. Great job,
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