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It hurts so good.

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My stomach that is,started the morning out throwin some slabs on the vault,rubed with willinghams original rub ,smoked with hickory at 250 for 4 hrs spritzing with apple cider every hr then foild for about 3 more hrs. In the mean time I injected 2 doz wings with franks red sauce and smotherd them with cajin seas and threw on the weber 1/2 hr later ribs and chicken,mmmgood to.
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Wow that's a feast!! Looks great.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks real good, Bill. Right now I'm too full to drool much, but I'll look again later.
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Looks good you use stright apple cider?
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Looks like a great feast
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Now that's the real deal on a meal!
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I've been using Frank's sauce since it was called Durkee's sauce and I've never thought to inject it - duhhhh! I'll bet those went great with the ribs.
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Looking awesome Bill
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great lookin smoke bill!!!! nice to see ya back on the forum neighbor!!!
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mmmm.....Frank's. You can use that stuff like ketchup.
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