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Smoker Full Of Butts

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Some friends asked to hold a Harley meeting/campover at our place. We have 10 acres, so agreed. I volunteered to smoke some food. I got so busy, I didn't get the finished pics. Also did two briskets.

Rubbed and ready.

After 4 hours

A bunch of Dutch's wicked baked beans.

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Looking good!

Bet it was awesome!
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Hope you guys can still drool over some Harley's after your bbq comas!
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Nice pics of the meat and beans bassman. Now how bout some pics of the Harleys!!
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bikes and bbq.doesnt get any better than that.PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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We're not young folks. I'll stick to my fishing boat!icon_smile.gif

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Thanks for the bike pics Bassman. You don't have to be young to ride. We had 4 people in their 80's on our Toy Ride yesterday. It was nice of you to do the cooking and let them use your property.
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thats cool..nuttin better than bbq , good friends , and harleys
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Looks like a great time...Food looks tasty
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I'd be headed for a couch.... wink.gif
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A lot of times when you mention Harleys or bikers, people have the wrong impression. This was the most polite, helpful group you could ever ask for. The club provided all the food, I just put it together for them. When they left this afternoon, you couldn't even find a blade of grass out of place. They took their trash, cleaned up and left me with a 17# brisket and 2 large pork butts to cook later. We will welcome them back anytime.
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Great looking grub bass man....good on ya.
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We have a Harley "toy" run here in Maine too, they go by my house and we set out and watch them, there is thousands of bikes and it is non stop for about an hour, the rumble is unbelieveable. I was driving in the opposite direction one time and I had to pull over because there was so many bikes coming at me that I couldn't concentrate, sort of like driving in a blizzard.

Awesome people, and really big hearts when in comes to toys for the poor, etc.
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Basserman Here's a name for your party.

EASYRIDER BBQ biggrin.gif

Looks like a great time PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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wish i was there. nice.
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wow bassman, that's alot of butts! i bet it was a fun time. good job getting those leftovers too! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'll ride to yoor place anytime. just save me a place and a plate.
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