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Welcome Walleye1 !!Sounds like an awsome set up and grub looks great !!
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Welcome aboard and damn good looking grub.............
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Welcome to the forum and thanks for the Qview.
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Welcome from one Canuck to another.

Cheers Firedog21
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welcome to the smf
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OK Mike, you have to give up how you did your chicken!!! I was slobberin sitting here! Everything looks great!
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Thank you for joining our SMF family!
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Hi SHellbellc

Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday, I was swamped at work and never had a chance to get on here. Hey how can anything be bad when bacon is involved!

Here is a link to the Bacon Wrapped Chicken recipe that I use.

The only Thing I do a little different is either pre fry the bacon until its translucent or after they are done I throw them under the broiler for a few minutes. The only reason I do this is to crisp the bacon as this is how I prefer them. The other thing I have discovered is they make great leftovers. In fact I have made a bunch of them and froze them, then reheat in the oven. In some ways they are almost better as left overs! What you put in them is really an endless list of what ever your tastes are. The only other thing you have to watch is how well you wrap the chicken with the bacon because as the bacon cooks, it tightens up and this is what stops your cheeze from leaking out. You will loose a little cheeze but if they are wrapped well you won't loose a lot.

There are lots of recipes on this site, mostly from Bradley users but certianly adaptable to any smoker. Here is the link to the main recipe page if you are interested.

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Thanks Mike!! I think they're on the menu this weekend!
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