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145* or 165*

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been reading lots of stuff on here and notice a definite division... some take their butts to 145* then wrap in foil, while others go to 165* before wrapping... seems the plateau is between 145-150. has the blue stuff got to me or what? someone talk to me, Im hungry!
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I go to 160-165, then foil.
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cool... its getting close now... this link said 145, thought I'd ask the pros
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I gota 165 myself long as everthins movin right along.
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There is no right or wrong. By applying the foil you are stopping the smoke from hitting the meat. If you like it smokier foil later and vice versa.

I like it smokey, I don't foil until it gets to 195 and I am ready to put it in the cooler.
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Well, it really depends on how much the wife is yelling at me. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
Actually I try to reach the 160º area before foiling. The longer you can go without foiling, if you have the TIME, the more bark will form on the butt.
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165-170 then foil.
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Newbie here but, I take mine to 200 without foiling. Just my .02
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On Butts I take em to 165-170 before foiling. More bark / better flavor.
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when i started doing butts, i didn't do the TEXAS/OKLAHOMA cheat........but the barq got SO HARD........took a jack hammer to bust it up.........i foil now, with spritzing the butt well, so it can steam up abit, soil the barq gets abit softer...........but i foil at 170
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I hold mine longer more in the range of 180* some times 190*but neaver at 145* my 2 cents
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there's more than one way to smoke a butt. Early foiling gives less smoke asofter bark but a juicier product. Later or no foiling more smoke & harder bark. I didn't foil in the past but now foil about 6hrs. To be honest I like it both ways
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Hello, Sofa King, like Ron says , NO hard rule but I like to do the whole smoking without wrapping in foil. I keep my temps in the smoke chamber around 225 to no more than 250 and go(using the 1.5/hr. rule of thumb) until the bone is loose enough to pull then gently wrap and put it to rest. That's what works for me, but I like lots of smoke!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Like Ron said, everybodys got an opinion on this, and they're all right!
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basically what everyone else is sayin about foiling early. it just saves time, but if your not in a rush then don't foil til late. i've also heard after a certain temp you can't get anymore smoke penetration so it might be a waste of wood and coal to not foil.
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