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Experimental Brisket in the rain

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We got a Nor'easter here in jersey. I really have no idea what that means except its gonna be a lot of crappy weather. The Giants have a bye week but Mussina is goin for win #20 and the NY Liberty are 1 win away from the WNBA Finals. Perfect day to stay inside, watch tv and have a few beers but the only issue is good grub.

I never cooked in rain this heavy before so I convinced my dad to let me smoke inside the greenhouse. All the plants are out (tho maybe i should leave some of the peppers and smoke them while they are still on the plant).

I defrosted a brisket and decided to change things up and try a new rub. I took all my seeded spices and toasted them

Juniper Berries
Celery Seed

ground them up in my coffee grinder, threw some salt and a tiny amount of brown sugar onto it and we're ready to go. Hickory should compliment this rub very nicely.

I have an ECB that i've been smoking with for over a year and i've always had issues with enough air getting to the coals and the ash smothering it. So (at the suggestion of one of the geniuses on SMF) i put my old BBQ veggie wok in the charcoal pan. It perfectly sits on the pan, hovering about 4 inches from the bottom. I think it should be pretty easy to keep my temps in range and not blow through a ton of coal.

Q-view in a few hours when its done.
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I done some spares in the rain a couple of weeks ago. We got 4" total. It was new to me, but everything turned out ok. I'm sure you will not have any problems. Just try to stay dry. Good luck.
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Well I thought that the noreaster you are experiencing was the leading edge of that tropical storm/hurricane. But being in that greenhouse you should be fine. The rain and wind won't be in direct contact with your smoker. Enjoy the bye week.
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I've used my Brinkman gasser in the rain. No worries things will turn out well for ya.
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Good luck Spice. I am sure they will turn out great.
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